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online, in print, and at live events.

I help cosmetic and personal care industry suppliers contextualize their products/services, and tell an editorially-driven story that resonates with brand leaders, beauty entrepreneurs, cosmetic chemists, procurement managers, journalists, and executive decision makers.

Current & Past Clients

Content that Clicks

your sponsored articles
can have Deanna's byline 

— enhance your sponsored content with the impact of a trusted editorial voice, high-quality writing, clear and concise explanations of complex issues, and the sought-after cachet of Deanna's widely recognized byline. 

— short-form and long-form articles available 

place sponsored content

written by you or by Deanna 

— each blog post on is excerpted and linked in an issue of the Beauty Insights newsletter

co-create custom content
with Deanna

— collaborate with Deanna on articles, blogs, reports, etc. for your own site & communications & marketing

— bring new perspective, add context and clarity, and reach a more qualified audience by teaming up with Deanna on your next content project.  

reach Deanna's LinkedIn network
with Sponsored Social Posts

— posts made on Deanna Utroske’s personal account, each personally written by Deanna (and approved by You)
— 8K+ followers & 1K + average impressions daily
— reach a highly engaged and qualified cosmetics and personal care industry network 
— each post is clearly marked [sponsored*] 
— a link to the URL of your choice can be included

Keynote Speaker / Discussion Moderator

welcome Deanna to your event

as a moderator, presenter, or keynote speaker

— as a moderator, Deanna leads an engaging discussion, putting speakers at ease, asking insightful questions, giving in-the-moment commentary that clarifies and contextualizes panelist remarks, and adeptly manages audience Q&A. 

— as a featured speaker, Deanna delivers actionable analysis and uniquely insightful presentations on topics and trends of relevance to your company team or target audience. 

Positioning & Custom Consulting

differentiate your company & clarify your communications in a crowded marketplace 

— ingredient makers, contract manufacturers, and other industry suppliers trust Deanna when it comes to positioning, content strategy, media outreach planning, and more!

 if you'd like to explore an original collaboration idea, let's talk!

Beauty Insights newsletter Advertising Opportunities

about Beauty Insights 

— Beauty Insights is a weekly email newsletter serving an engaged community of brand leaders, entrepreneurs, cosmetic chemists, executive decision makers, marketing pros, and industry allies. The newsletter features cosmetics and personal care news, covering ingredients, manufacturing, packaging, and brands. It’s also where insiders look to learn about Deanna's speaking engagements, find links to her articles and commentary featured in other publications, and more!

ad space

— ad space is available on a monthly basis

— there are 3 positions available in each newsletter

— you can place just an image asset or an image asset with text (that I write and you approve)

— each ad includes 1 or 2 links to the URL(s) of your choice

— ad space is also available on the blog

sponsored content

 a Focused Issues is a standalone Beauty Insights newsletter send featuring content developed in coloration with Deanna

Let's Work Together



What kind of companies do you work with?

I work primarily with ingredient suppliers. I also work contract manufacturers, packaging companies, and equipment makers. Supply-side service providers and consultants often opt to work with me by advertising in the Beauty Insights newsletter or collaborating on sponsored social posts.    


Do you work with consumer brands?

In rare cases, when a brand is doing significant work to bring a novel ingredient innovation to market or is intentionally helping advance the industry, I do work directly with consumer brands.

And I often include brand news and mentions in my articles and speaking; if you have news to share, be in touch:


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