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CosmeticsDesign.com is the highest read North American business news site in the cosmetics and personal care industry—reaching over 52K highly qualified unique monthly readers.  


Deanna Utroske has written over 4,000 articles and produced 100s of videos for Cosmetics Design, since 2014, covering indie beauty, brand innovations, consumer behavior, lifestyle trends, emerging science, digital technologies, financial dealings, and much more.

June 2020

Beauty Tech for Chemists

June 2020

Black-Owned Beauty Business

June 2020

Microalgae Ingredients

June 2020

Clean Beauty Highlights

May 2020

Sustainable Packaging

May 2020

Single-Use Packaging

April 2020

Hand and Nail Care

April 2020

Beauty Supplements

April 2020


March 2020

Beauty and COVID-19

January 2020

Circular Economy

January 2020

Afro Sheen Relaunch

January 2020

Microbiome Skin Care

December 2019

Indie Beauty Highlights

November 2019

Fragrance Transparency

October 2019

in-cosmetics NA Trends

October 2019

Skin Care Benefits of Almonds

July 2019

Uplink Live 2019

January 2019

Prebiotic Skin Care


Proof of Concept

November 2018

Marine Beauty

October 2018

Beauty Innovation Showdown

June 2018

No More Photoshopping

January 2018

Avon's Wellness Brand