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Esse probiotic skin care

I opened a few more probiotic beauty products this week, and here’s what I think...

I’m very optimistic about microbiome skincare 🦠🔬💋but my foray this week was a bit halfhearted. 💕 I spent a lot more time prepping my microbiome beauty talk for the AIRS Conference on Friday than I did trying out new skincare.

but, I did open the Esse Eye Contour Cream, the Probiotic Serum, and the Protect Oil.💧 Though I really only used all 3 as a routine 3 or 4 times ~ one of these products, either the serum or the oil causes quite a bit of redness 🔴 no obvious heat, itch, or inflammation 🔴 but very real red splotches. And this week, I just wasn’t up to sorting out which product or why.

👀Since I knew it wasn’t the eye cream, I did use that one more regularly. It’s a nice texture, a slightly curious sort of fermented scent, a pleasant pale clay grey color & it seems to moisturize nicely.👀 The pump doses too much for a single application, but I can live with that.

The serum and oil both have nice textures, move well over my skin, and smell a little like cocoa.🍩

So, I’m not giving up on @esseprobioticskincare or probiotic beauty ~ but I’m not a convert yet!