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Āether Beauty eyeshadow

while I was in Palm Beach, Florida ☀️🌴this past week, I used Aether Beauty eyeshadow, and here’s what I think... I used Amber & Vibration from the Crystal Grid Gemstone palette and they are tin~man metallic! not tinfoil shiny, mind you, but distinctly metallic. The colors are strong 💪🏽 and fairly true to how they appear in the pallet 🎨 I had no fallout during application or wear. The color lasted all day☀️ and came off easily with makeup remover🌙 (I’m finishing up the jar of Green Clean remover that I reviewed about 4 weeks back) I did still use my favorite Guerlain shadow as an under brow highlight and the 2 products got along just fine...nothing weird happened😁 NOW these slightly creamy metallic shadows did show off all the texture of my eyelids, giving them a sort of a foil elephant-skin effect ~ which I kind of liked🐘 Lines and creases rarely concern me; you see, I’ve been waiting all my life to be a wise & glamorous lady 👓👜💋 Going forward, I’ll certainly work these @aetherbeautyco shadows into my color repertoire ~ though they are a bit BOLD for some occasions. #dubeautyreview