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Client Spotlight: Organic Bioactives

New Zealand-based natural skincare ingredient maker Organic Bioactives launched a first line of ingredients in 2020. The four clinically proven, multifunctional OceanDerMX™ skincare ingredient blends are all made with the extract of hand-harvested New Zealand Red Algae and other locally sourced natural raw materials.

Also in 2020, the L’Oréal Innovation Runway competition awarded Organic Bioactives top prize for its proprietary water-based extraction technology. And now with distribution partners around the globe, and robust R&D capabilities, the company is launching two new ingredient lines and bringing much-needed green chemistry solutions to cosmetics and personal care formulators everywhere.

And I am immensely proud to say that Organic Bioactives' Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer Andrea Taimana and her team have trusted me to write the press releases that help share these milestones with trade media and industry leaders all along. I have also enjoyed being a trusted company ally, sharing guidance and insights to help Organic Bioactives build brand awareness and the fabulous reputation this ethical, sustainable company rightly deserves.

Writing News-Generating Press Releases for Beauty Ingredient Suppliers

This month, a third news release went live on their site: Organic Bioactives expands R&D & distribution to meet global beauty industry demand.

In it, you can read about how "To better meet industry demand for green chemistry solutions, the award-winning New Zealand based company has partnered with ingredient distributors in key markets and invested further in R&D, hiring more scientists and expanding in-house clinical testing capabilities."

And that, "Underscoring the beauty industry’s interest in sustainable and effective bioactives, ingredients from the OceanDerMX® line are currently in product development with some 15 well-known skincare and hair care brands around the world. And thanks to the company’s speed-to-market support, OceanDerMX® ingredients are already in consumer products on both physical and digital retail shelfs in Asia and Australasia."

Of course, we also cover the company's expanded R&D capabilities, two new ingredient lines, and more:

"PlantæDerMX® is a line of New Zealand native botanical extracts—based in glycerin or oil. Each distinct ingredient is backed up with in-vitro analysis and delivers remarkable levels of anti-oxidant activity, anti-inflammatory, and / or anti-pollution activity."

"The new ZeaDerMX® range centers around the protection and repair hero-ingredient New Zealand grown green tea. Each of the ingredients in the line is made with organic, hand-picked green tea grown in the volcanic soil of the Waikato region. This tea is also known as Zealong tea. The 4 ingredients in the range were carefully developed to address environmental pollution and UV damage and are well suited for use in both skincare and hair care product formulations at 0.5 – 5%."

Cosmetics & Personal Care Business Content Collaboration that Get Results

Like all successful projects, each press release is a collaborative effort. I really enjoy the opportunity to learn about current company objectives, gather quotes, and iron out all the details via zoom conversations, interviews, and email exchanges with the team at Organic Bioactives.

When it's all said and done, their team of course has the final edit. And they always do a lovely job with design and layout as well. What I do best is write premium SEO-rich content that helps cosmetics & personal care suppliers and manufacturers grow in key B2B markets.

Or drop me a note at and let's start brainstorming your beauty biz content and trade media outreach strategy today!

Download the full press release to read all the latest news from Organic Bioactives.

Organic Bioactives_Press Release_Apr'22
Download PDF • 371KB

Oh! and you can meet Organic Bioactives' Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer Andrea Taimana at the NYSCC Suppliers’ Day event (booth 1573) in New York City at the start of May.


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