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Cosmetics27 skin care

I’ve been trying out 3 products from a French indie skincare brand, and here’s what I think...

As you may know,

at the end of the month I’m speaking about 🦠🔬💋microbiome skincare at the AIRS Conference in Barcelona, Spain, & so I had every intention of trying out a few probiotic beauty products throughout May and sharing my thoughts here and maybe at the event too. ...but just days before May arrived,

I opened a few mini beauty products from Cosmetics27 & 🚫🛑 I simply haven’t been able to stop using them‼️

I’m trying the Cosmetics27 cleanser, essence, and huile ~ and applying them in that order.

The cleanser is perhaps the most intriguing. It starts as a solid sort of balm, dissolves into an oil, and then suds up just a bit with a little water. 🚿 Online, the brand outlines the time 🕰and gestures recommend for using this cleanser ~ and while this nuanced routine has me washing my face for minutes⏰ I quite like it❗️

I’ve always suspected that touch and time are some of the most beneficial aspects of skincare & this cleanser is a good excuse for me take the time to care for my face.

Oh! and it smells delightful, like classic fancy lady skincare with just a wisp of root beer.❄️🍺

I’ve been following the cleanser with the Cosmetics27 essence ~ a serum of sorts ~ It spreads very easily over my face and neck and absorbs / drys to a nothing finish.

I put on the huile last ~ and it very much is an oil...but it hydrates my skin quite nicely with no concern of spots or pimples so far.

On skincare only days, I leave the oil on as is & it’s quite ✨glowy✨

If I’m putting on makeup after the oil, I give it a gentle full-face tissue blot and it’s makeup as usual after that.💋 Now, I’m only a few years in to my beauty career and there are countless products I’ve yet to try ~ but I am already wondering if @cosmetics27 is the be all and end all of skincare. Did I mention I Can’t Stop using it⁉️