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Ideas to Innovation: The Machines Behind the Makeup

Machinery transforms ingredients into products. It fills and caps the packaging, applies labels, cartons bottles and jars and tubes, and palletizes all that neatly packaged product for transport. Machines safeguard product purity, run quality assurance checks, and assess product integrity. They lower costs and increase output. Machinery improves the efficiency, accuracy, and scalability of production. Without sophisticated machinery, the cosmetics and personal care industry as we know it simply would not be possible...

photo via Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna site

To get a glimpse of what we can all see at Cosmopack this year, I checked in with a few exhibitors about the machinery that they design, build, and service. Leaders from DMC SRLS, MARCHESINI GROUP BEAUTY, and PMR SYSTEM GROUP SRL all told me that they will be showing an array of novel and classical machinery solutions.

Denis Mancarella, Owner of DMC, and his team will be showcasing “the entire range of [DMC] machines,” which includes homogenizers, sachet machines, filling and capping machines, as well as both automatic and semi-automatic labeling machines. The company’s “filling lines and homogenizers are the most in-demand for beauty makers,” says Mancarella, who founded his Chioggia, Italy – based company in 2016.

MARCHESINI GROUP BEAUTY will be showing what that company describes as “state-of-the-art machines and lines for packaging cosmetic products,” including “not only flexible stand-alone solutions tailored to the market’s demands but also lines which can be customised to individual needs, and ground-breaking technologies that respond perfectly to the latest trends,” according to materials the company shared with me. They will have some 20 machines on display.

One example of the ground-breaking tech that Marchesini Group Beauty will be showing at Cosmopack “is the lipstick machine with SEA Vision's innovative a-eye lipstick system: the 360° lipstick inspection system, which recently won the Cosmoprof Asia Awards, is the world's first system for automatic quality control of lipsticks in production, based on AI technology, automating the process of qualitative inspection previously largely entrusted to manual human control...


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