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IT Cosmetics brush set

this morning I used a new set of brushes to apply my makeup, and here’s what I think...


The brushes I regularly use are a jumble of brands ~ bought according to need or on the advice of makeup artists and beauty consultants AND I’ve ALWAYS applied my foundation with a sponge: 💖a @beautyblender now & 💛a little yellow Natural Sea Sponge in years past

🕘 Today I used a full set of new @itcosmetics brushes...plus an IT Cosmetics bronzer brush from among my regular assortment AND my usual @alconeco soft luxury powder puff!

🧐 before I got started, I was ADMITTEDLY skeptical of the wide concealer brush, a bit shy to try a foundation brush, and remiss to put down my Hakuhodo eyeliner brush!

AFTER doing a full face (as they say) I have to tell you that the Must-Have Concealer brush

might just live up to its name ...It gave me smooth and simple under-eye coverage with just a few gentle strokes ~ I will definitely be using this one again! ~

The foundation brush did its job and, with some careful blending, the finish was streak-free (I did cheat and reach for my beauty blender to finesse a couple of spots but more out of habit than necessity)

💔the Must-Have Multi-Powder brush...I could take it or leave it ✏️I did my brows with the @saniasbrowbar pencil and spoolie brush that I usually use.

👀The No-Tug All-Over Eyeshadow and the No-Tug Crease brushes were fine...I usually use one shadow brush for all 3 or 4 colors.

Today I found that the all-over IT brush worked well for just that: all over color and I might add it in to my routine but it wasn’t very precise so it’s not good for under-brow highlighting and such 🙁 The No-Tug eyeliner brush was a disappointment...it didn’t pick up or deliver much product (I mix a MAC paint pot with a smashbox primer for each of my eyeliner colors) I left well enough alone for the lower line but SIMPLY HAD to pick up the @hakuhodousa.official liner brush to get my upper lid line just right 🙂🙃 so this brush set is a mixed bag for me there are keepers to be sure and the whole kit will certainly do the job If your looking for a simple, complete, coordinated kit, this IT kit could be it #dubeautyreview