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L'Odaïtès skin care

This month I’ve been masking with L’odaites, and here’s what I think... I’m a little ☺️embarrassed☺️ to admit how long I’ve had this mask in my ‘beauty closet’ without trying it Maybe that’s because the hero ingredient in this mask is ~ as you may have guessed ~ dates and dates are a delicacy well as it turns out, the @lodaites anti-aging radiance mask itself is a delicacy This mask gives me the most dramatic & immediate result ~ without being noticeable...if that’s even possible it leaves my skin smoother to the touch, even in areas where little clogged pores were making matters a bit bumpy The scent is a little fruity 🍐floral 🌸 the color is a very pale gold 💫 certainly not formulated for its IG appeal on pale skin 📸😉 I’ve been brushing this mask on leaving it for 10 to 15 minutes ⌛️(it drys a bit and gets tackier but not 🚫🌵 dry like a clay mask) then, I wipe it away with a warm water 💧washcloth et Voila 💫 ONE MORE thing ~ the L’odaites anti-aging radiance mask isn’t moisturizing per se ...but it’s NOT drying at all❗️ I used this mask before going to bed last night 🌙✨ did no other skincare after wiping it off & my skin still feels fabulous this morning! ☀️ hooray for dates 🎉