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Madam Glam gel polish

my last four gel manicures have been with a vegan, 9-free polish, and here’s what I think...

I have to tell you up front that in all my years of manicures I’ve learned that it’s not the product but the person sitting across the table who determines that health and strength of my nails and the quality of my manicure. Which is exactly why for over 2 years now Bezayda De Jesus @bisa01233 has been doing my nails 💅🏼 And she’s been even more fabulous than usual the past couple of months, helping me try out 3 different Madam Glam gel polishes 💅🏼💅🏼💅🏼and the brand’s base & top coats too. 💎💎💎The very glittery blue/purple Dream Diamonds lasted fabulously both with and without a primer coat. ❄️❄️❄️The Shimmer White, which gets its ✨shimmer✨ from mica, chipped nearly right away and kept on chipping...so much so that I was compelled to do what one should NEVER do🚫peel off the gel😳 But I’ve found that polish with mica from any brand generally doesn’t perform as well. ⭐️⭐️⭐️And the delightfully brightly pigmented Perfect Yellow (no glitter or shimmer here, but a little something neon⚠️) lasted almost flawlessly for a full 2 weeks (with a primer coat).💡I know this because this weekend’s manicure is my second Perfect Yellow Madam Glam gel manicure in a row💛💛The yellow is that perfect! The base coat and top coat are both a little thicker than standard versions but cover well (though Beza wonders if they’ll remain usable through to the bottom of the bottle) The top coat, as promised, gives a truly no-wipe finish. The first coat of all 3 colors we’ve tried goes on a bit sheer but a second coat grabs it well and gives full coverage. The soak off removal~even after buffing off the top coat~does take longer, nearly ⏰ 5 minutes more than CND Shellac, for instance. so, I can’t say that @madam_glam is my new favorite brand, but when you see me out & about with Dream Diamonds or Perfect Yellow nails, you’ll know who I have to thank for it. #dubeautyreview#dubeautyreview oh! and YOU can find Beza at the @mynd spa at 663 5th Av in NYC