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OWA Moondust Hair Wash

I've used this water-activated hair wash for my last few shampoos, and here’s what I think...

I love the concept of a powdered hair wash and I love that bottle is small and lightweight and that it’s an absolute delight to travel with ✈️👜

When it comes to washing my hair, I’d say that it’s good, not fabulous.

But I am definitely still on a learning curve with the unscented OWA Moondust Hair Wash.


First I wet my hair💧

Shake some hair wash powder across my palm❄️

Add a bit of water💦

And then get to washing my hair, adding more water as I go along.

This powder hair wash feels a bit more gelish than a conventional shampoo.

And I inevitably find a few smashed ‘flavor bursts’ stuck to my hands even after my final rinse.

~ you know when you have cocked cereal🥣and it wasn’t stirred well enough...so you get little beads of dry powder suspended in it, those are flavor bursts ~

And I haven’t managed to get this hair wash to clean all the way down to my scalp very effectively yet...but like I said, I’m still on a learning curve.

So, given the convenience factor & my penchant for product knowledge✈️👜🌘the @owahaircare Moondust is definitely going with me to Long Beach, California next week, where I’ll be attending the SCC Suppliers’ Day event. 🌴🧪💋