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Planted in Beauty skin care supplements

For nearly 2 months now, I’ve been taking skincare supplements and here’s what I think...

I am always working with words, so when I started taking these supplements, a lot of unfortunate expressions about 🥤drinking the kool~aid


🐟swallowing the bait

ran through my head;

but not for long ~ and maybe that’s because I was more focused on listening to my body to notice any changes or benefits than I was about entertaining the doubts of skeptics


about two weeks after I started taking both the @wellwithinbeauty

protect + purify + firm Antioxidant Blend

and the glow + replenish + balance Berry Oil Blend

my skin felt:

more resilient, less easily damaged by a scratch or dry patch and more swift to heal from any such issue (I’m talking whole body beauty here ~ not just my pretty face)

AND with the exception of what I’m quite confident is a touch of hormonal acne, my complexion has been delightfully clear

Are there other factors to consider?

when it comes to improvements to my skin?


💤 sleep, topical skin care, personal health, diet, lifestyle...probably so many other factors that I couldn’t fit them all in to a single post ~ but I digress ~

getting back to the @wellwithinbeauty

protect + purify + firm Antioxidant Blend

and glow + replenish + balance Berry Oil Blend


I did take care to check with my ❣️hematologist before I started on these 💊supplements so as not to disrupt all things ✨fabulous~she looked over the ingredients and gave me the go ahead!



I must ALSO tell you that

the label recommendation to take

“with your first full meal” 🥣🥐🍳 breakfast in my case


but so long as I take them with food or shortly after eating, I feel fine🤗