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Garden Goat Soap

I’ve been using @secretgardensoap_ of Madison’s Carrot Facial Bar for at least 2 years now, and here’s what I think... as it happens, I aspire to be ✨high~maintenance✨ but on my recent trip to Las Vegas for Cosmoprof I somehow refrained from packing one of everything 👜 which means I used questionable hotel soap for four days in a row ❓❓❓❓ don’t worry 💄I had plenty of skin care, body care, and beauty products in tow💄 🌃All the same, returning home to the city, the person, and the soap that I love was a true joy! NOW...about the soap 🛁 Tracee, the woman behind the Secret Garden Soap of Madison business, makes an array of soaps from goat milk 🐐🥛🛁 this Carrot Facial Bar is one of my absolute favorite bar soaps 🥕⛅️the scent ⛅️🥕 is a blend of heaven & earth...a mix of clean veggie and healthy soil (I am originally from the country ~ so this seems right to me 🌧 like a good clean rain) ~ the color is orangeISH ✴️ a kind of faded basketball orange but I totally believe & enjoy this carrot color 🥕 🥕😊 I like this soap as a facial bar AND (don’t tell the 🐐 goats) as a body bar too 🛀🏼 ~ 🥛🐝 I also find the Just Milk & Honey bar soap from @secretgardensoap_of Madison to be quite nice. & while ✨high~maintenance✨ and 🐐goat soap🐐 might not pair well for some, I find the luxury of small~batch, hand~crafted, aromatic, effective soap to be rather lovely 💖