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Suppliers’ Day is Almost Here: read this before you go

“This is the biggest edition of the event to date….Be open to meeting new people, fostering meaningful dialogue and collaboration, and learning new things. Wear comfortable shoes and bring plenty of business cards.”

Photos courtesy of NYSCC

this post is sponsored by NYSCC Suppliers' Day

Dr. Amber O. Evans, Chair of NYSCC, calls Suppliers' Day the “go-to forum for the latest trends, scientific findings, global ingredients, raw materials, and solutions that will invigorate formulations and accelerate beauty and personal care product development.”


And she’s not wrong. Each year the New York Chapter of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists turns New York City’s Javits Convention Center into the center of the cosmetic science universe.


This year on May 1 and 2, over 560 exhibitors and more than 10,000 attendees will take part in the annual tradeshow and conference. And Evans promises that the 2024 “theme of Inspire. Innovate. Celebrate. will be woven throughout Suppliers’ Day and be evident end-to-end at the Javits Center.”


What to Know Before You Go

When I interviewed Evans for this show preview, she shared advice for both regulars and first-time attendees. I’ve paraphrased her top tips for you here:


·      Do as much pre-planning as you can. 


·      Visit and register in advance.


·      Review the educational offerings, show hours, exhibitor list and awards program information.


·      Familiarize yourself with the floor plan.


·      Use the Show Planner to make a personalized agenda and book appointments with exhibitors


·      Use the Search Feature to identify new ingredients, formulations, and services. 


·      Watch for the launch of a show app that will provide the latest information and allow for push notifications on special events, show highlights, and of-the-moment updates. 


·      A pre-show pocket guide will soon be available for download on our website.


·      The Show Directory serves as the best on-site resource as well as a valuable reference tool after the show.


In short, says Evans, “registering in advance and becoming familiar with all that Suppliers’ Day has to offer, will make your time at the event more efficient and productive.”


Cosmetic Ingredient Discovery & Formulation Inspiration

“The ingredients discovery at Suppliers’ Day is unmatched,” says Evans, explaining that

“many innovative new products and game-changing ingredients will be making their North American debut” at the trade show.


These and hundreds of other exhibiting suppliers will be showing their latest and best in ingredients at Suppliers’ Day this May: Actera (specializing in actives, bioactives, and functional ingredients as well as custom formulation services); Aegis Beauty Solutions Limited (known for UV filters, antioxidants, and bio-based actives); BASF (maker of surfactants, emulsifiers, polymers, emollients, specialty actives, pigments, and UV filters); DayGlo (specializing in fluorescent pigments); Greentech (developing actives with inputs sourced from plants, the marine environment, and microbes); InDermal (a Spain-based company using biotech to develop active delivery and release systems for cosmeceutical brands); Mibelle Biochemistry (the Switzerland-based company known for developing top-quality novel actives); Oh, Oh Organic, Inc. (a distributor showing both classic and new-to-the-market sustainable organic ingredients); vegetable oil specialist OLVEA; Uniproma (an international ingredient maker known for UV filters, sun care, tanning, and brightening); and Worlee (a company based in Germany, making rheology modifiers, suspending agents, film formers, and more).


Evans walked me through some of the fundamental criteria that attendees consider when shopping the show. “Efficacy is generally the top priority,” she says, “since it can be the driver for the overall product experience and success. Together, the efficacy and sustainability profile of an ingredient can also contribute to the marketing story of the finished product, which is important in drawing in the consumer.”


Additionally, “the cost-effectiveness of ingredient offerings is important to product development pros, but there is some flexibility depending on factors such as the technology, its impact relative to other ingredients in the formula, and its overall value for the success of the product,” explains Evans, reminding us that, “consumers are willing to pay a premium for products that resonate with them through top performance and experience.”


The environmental sustainability of ingredients is commonly a consideration as well. “While not at the level of being a strict requirement, sustainability has certainly become more important than simply an afterthought or niche option as consumers have become more conscious of the environmental and social impacts of product manufacturing and usage,” says Evans.


And I hear similar sentiments when I talk with suppliers, and formulators, and brand leaders in my own work—that environmental sustainability is often not the deciding factor when choosing a given ingredient. But it is imperative to (at the very least) be transparent about sourcing, production, and operational processes that impact upon the sustainability of an ingredient; and it’s even better when the sustainability profile of an ingredient can support a brand’s own mission and messaging.


We know that ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ are not always synonymous with ‘sustainable’ but they are, as Evans notes, “terms that resonate with consumers,” which is why she says, “Ecocert, COSMOS and Natrue are some key third-party ingredient certifications.”


These standards, “have specific criteria for ingredient origin, composition, and processing as it relates to ‘natural’ and ‘organic’…. They also cover aspects of the entire product, including packaging; and all the various areas of sustainability are considered.” Expect to see these and other third-party certifications displayed on exhibitor booths and materials.


Suppliers’ Day is a place to discover so much more than individual ingredients; it’s also a wonderful show for formulators and product developers looking for new ideas and creative support. 


“Beauty product developers should consider the numerous product prototypes for inspiration for their brands,” says Evans, who over the course of her own nearly 20-year career as a cosmetic scientist has worked in product development with both brands and ingredient suppliers.


“Starter formulas,” she explains, “are a great way to jumpstart new product development because they offer the framework for a finished product and insight into some of the most effective ways to work with the exhibitors’ ingredients.”


“In our dynamic industry, speed to market is key and these starter formulas can help streamline the product development process by [eliminating] some of the trial and error in formulation work,” says Evans; and then she add this helpful advice: “To best take advantage of starter formulas, brand developers should be prepared to discuss the main modifications that would be necessary to elevate the starter formula to a product that fits their vision and brand, as well as any preliminary performance data that might be available for the formula.”


Aspirations and Destinations in Cosmetic Science

Simply by attending Suppliers’ Day you will be learning. There are however multiple opportunities and content programs at the show which are intentionally educational. And on top of that, there is no shortage of universities and colleges exhibiting at the show. This year you’ll find Fairleigh Dickinson University; Rutgers; The University of Toledo; Northeastern University;  Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, The University of Rhode Island; The University of Cincinnati; Manhattan College; and FIT (the Fashion Institute of Technology) all in an area of the show floor affectionately known as University Row.


It’s more common today for scientists working in cosmetics and personal care to have

done course work specific to our industry. Evans’ own “path has entailed completing several internships and even graduate research focused on beauty care R&D in corporate , earning a Ph.D. in Cosmetic Science from the University of Cincinnati, and contributing to product development and testing initiatives in multiple market segments at prominent companies on both the ingredient supplier and brand sides of the cosmetic industry.  Additionally,” she says, “volunteering with the NYSCC has been a fulfilling career experience.”


“A strong interest and aptitude” for science and an “early fascination with hair products and styling” informed her career choice. For Evans, working in the industry also comes with “the excitement of applying chemistry and multiple other sciences to help people look and feel good.”


Whatever inspires you to work in beauty, and whatever stage your career is at, there is educational programming on the calendar for you. “Suppliers’ Day will have 100+ hours of scientific and marketing programming, making this our most expansive and diverse program to date.”


Evans ran through the highlights of this year’s programming: “Curated educational blocks by our Scientific Advisory Committee will cover science and technical programs such as Hair: Inspiration & Innovation, Biotechnology in Beauty & Personal Care; and Inspiration & Innovation in NutriCosmetics; as well as pre-event SCC CEP courses on Beginning Cosmetic Chemistry, and Advanced Skin Science.”


“Product development sessions include Microbiome: Inside/Out Beauty; Digital Age of Beauty; Fragrance: The Invisible Art; Discover Sustainability; World of Chemistry; and the PCPC & IKW program on Cosmetic Regulation: Building Successful Compliance.”


“Industry partners will be spearheading two lunch-and-learns focused on The Future of the Cosmetic Industry: Challenges & Opportunities and Fragrance: The Invisible Art.  NYSCC is also partnering with CACPA again for a technical program that will help attendees navigate the complexities and uncover the forefront of advancements within the Chinese beauty industry.”


“IBA is taking the helm at the INDIE 360 conference program and will cover every angle of being a successful independent beauty brand: from marketing to packaging, supply chain, regulatory, and how ingredient suppliers define ‘indie’.” 


“More programs that provide product launch intelligence and future inspiration include From California with Love – Innovating in a Complex Regulatory Landscape; Innovations from the Inspiration Zone; Beauty Innovation in 2024; Rooted in Beauty: Exploring Latina Heritage and Ingredient Innovation in Beauty Brands; Sustainable Development in the Cosmetic Sector; Truth in Beauty – Meet the Sci Comm Influencers Educating Consumers Around the Globe!; and the Innovations Theater featuring exhibitors’ innovations.”


And she calls attention to educational programming expressly for aspiring and newly hired cosmetic scientists, saying that “NYSCC Suppliers’ Day is also the ultimate cosmetic science roadmap for students and young professionals. For example, our Future Chemists Workshop (FCW) will offer two sessions for university students on the first day of the event. This is a unique opportunity for them to learn about formulation science and ingredients, and to gain hands-on lab experience.”


“Coming full circle, sci-comm influencer, Jane Tsui (@janetheChemist) will be the featured speaker at the FCW, and she was one of the first students of the program nearly a decade ago.”


Get ready for the 2024 edition of NYSCC Suppliers’ Day here:

this post is sponsored by NYSCC Suppliers' Day


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