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Deanna Utroske is one of the most well-known thought leaders in the cosmetics and personal care industry today. She is former Editor of the B2B news site, Creator of the #duviews thought leadership series, and an all-around beauty business content specialist.


As a prominent beauty media personality,

Deanna inspires women in cosmetics, personal care, fragrance, and wellness

to become thought leaders and attain success as entrepreneurs and business leaders.


Deanna Utroske is a sought-after voice in the beauty events world. She presents complex topics in plain language, illuminates trends before they take hold, and adds conceptual context to the inventions, innovations, and movements that are disrupting beauty today. 


"Deanna is able to identify a trend ahead of the curve and her inspirational work is essential for technology scouts, indie brand founders as well as innovation specialists in blue-chip companies.

"I highly value Deanna’s approach to new technology trends, her analysis and forecasting." 


—Dr. Katerina Steventon, Innovation Consultant at Independent Skincare
Consultancy Ltd. and NBIC (UK)


Listeners with an interest in the business of beauty, the life of a professional writer, or the ins-and-outs of thought leadership enjoy hearing from Deanna. She’s also glad to pull up a mic and lead the conversation as a guest show host (as she’s done several times for the team at Beauty is Your Business). 


Market strategy firms, trend intelligence agencies, consumer behavior consultancies, and similar forecasting and research companies turn to Deanna for her particular perspective on the cosmetics, personal care, fragrance, and wellness industries, sharing her views, insights, and trend analysis with their clients.


"Deanna is a wonderful source of beauty industry insights
and trends!


"She is connected to all the key people in the industry and is a wonderful source of beauty industry
insights and trends." 


—Donna Barson, Senior Associate, Consumer Products at Kline & Company 

Awards Judge

As a beauty and media industry awards judge Deanna brings her expansive knowledge and discerning sensibility to programs that celebrate the best-of-the-best in finished goods, packaging, ingredients, sustainability, leadership, content, and more. 

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"When recruiting the best judges for our annual INNOCOS Leaders of Change and Blue Beauty Product Innovation Awards, Deanna Utroske was one of the first picks.


"Deanna brings deep industry knowledge to these beauty and personal care awards. Her work ethic and commitment to the project make her the top choice for a project like this." 


—Irina Kremin, Founder of the INNOCOS Beauty Influence Network  

Quotes & Citations

Beauty editors, journalists, authors, and bloggers rely on Deanna’s extensive portfolio of published articles as well as her writing skills and astute observations as a valuable resource. She’s often quoted, cited, and invited to contribute to sites and magazines and books such as these.

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