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Client Content: Sustainable Classic Ingredients for the Next Generation of Beauty

In this sponsored article, developed for Elkem and placed on SpecialChem, I explore how silicone ingredients are sourced and processed, how they impact formulation and consumer experience, and what happens to silicone after a beauty product is rinsed off, washed off, or otherwise discarded.

Environmental sustainability, a circular economy, and even regenerative business are very significant concepts in the cosmetics and personal care industry today, and rightly so.

But in our global consumer economy, there is no single, simple solution to eco-friendly beauty. The challenges are quite nuanced. This is why brand leaders, cosmetic chemists, and other product innovators scrutinize prospective suppliers and manufacturing processes. It’s one of the reasons NPD teams take product format and packaging into careful consideration.

The meaningful nuances of sustainability, circularity, and regenerative business are why it’s so important that we look behind the brands...


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