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Client Content: Top Strategies for Sourcing Cosmetic and Personal Care Ingredients

In this sponsored article, developed for ROELMI HPC and placed on BeautyMatter, I explore ethical, responsible, and sustainable ingredient sourcing strategies.

photo courtesy of ROELMI HPC

Being novel and effective isn’t enough in today’s beauty ingredient marketplace. Formulators and consumers are searching for solutions that not only deliver excellent benefits but also match their values. And smart product innovators are opting to partner with suppliers who have built environmental preservation into their company culture and business model.

With the circular beauty economy still very much a work in progress, today’s ethical, responsible, sustainable ingredient sourcing takes many forms: biotechnology, green chemistry, upcycling, local sourcing, efficient production, clean fractionation tech, and more.

Sourcing Cosmetics and Personal Ingredients, Starting with Plants

Working with a renewable resource, such as cultivated plants, doesn’t always ensure that the resulting ingredients are environmentally sustainable. To meet that objective, such crops ought to be abundant, high yield, and resilient in the same geographical region where processing and production takes place. Additionally, harvesting, processing, and production must be done with great intention to limit any harmful environmental impact.

Let’s take sunflowers as an example....


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