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CosmoFactory - From Ideas To Innovation: The New Podcast Dedicated to Innovation in the Beauty Industry


June 2024 – Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, the leading b2b event for the cosmetics industry, is launching its first podcast series, CosmoFactory – From Ideas to Innovation. The project, created in collaboration with Deanna Utroske, an expert in the beauty industry supply chain, aims to highlight the evolution of the sector by involving key players from around the world and sharing experiences and initiatives that are revolutionizing the sector.

The podcast "CosmoFactory – From Ideas to Innovation" traces its origins back to the inception of CosmoFactory in 2013, originally conceived as a project to represent specific steps of the supply chain processes with dedicated setups on the show floor. Over the years, the initiative has showcased to attendees at Cosmoprof Worldwide the production processes of iconic cosmetic products, such as lipstick, perfume, bb-cream and powder, spotlighting the high level of technology integrated throughout the supply chain. Thanks to the new project, CosmoFactory evolves from a "product factory" to an "ideas factory," showcasing the most extraordinary innovations that are transforming the industry.

“The cosmetics industry plays a pivotal role in the research and development of new

solutions, technologies, and sustainable strategies. As organizers of Cosmoprof

Worldwide Bologna, the leading b2b event for international stakeholders in the sector, it

is our duty to give voice to the most disruptive novelties and experiences which are

transforming the sector day by day,” says Enrico Zannini, General Manager of

BolognaFiere Cosmoprof. “With the CosmoFactory Podcast we hope to create a common

platform for our community where they can share motivating case-histories, discover

what’s new in beauty, and get inspired.”

“Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna is the cornerstone event of our industry. And the launch

of the CosmoFactory podcast brings inspiring innovations, business leadership insights,

and supplier discovery opportunities off the show floor and into your work week,” says

CosmoFactory host Deanna Utroske. “Being invited to collaborate on the development

of the CosmoFactory podcast and having the privilege of interviewing leading beauty

industry experts for a new episode every week is a true honor.”


In the months leading up to the 2024 edition of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, Deanna

Utroske engaged key players in the supply chain to report on industry news through

articles and interviews published on Cosmoprof official channels. The storytelling now

evolves in podcast format, with a series of interviews involving disruptive companies,

suppliers, brand owners, distributors, and international experts who are literally shaping

the future of the industry. The podcast will highlight ideas, initiatives, and new solutions

on the most strategic segments of the supply chain: product development, logistics and

operations, ingredients, cutting-edge machinery and automation systems, sustainable

packaging materials, and design. Each episode will showcase the most sensational

discoveries for cosmetics.

The launch of the new series includes the release of the CosmoFactory Trailer and the

first four full-length episodes, which have been recorded during the latest edition of

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna featuring specialists in AI technology, ingredients,

packaging, and manufacturing.

  • Episode One: manufacturing Makeup with AI, featuring SEA Vision Cosmetic

Business Development Manager Francesco Ringressi

  • Episode Two: sourcing a Zero-Waste Skincare Ingredient, featuring Macro Oceans

Founder and CEO Matthew Perkins

  • Episode Three: advancements in Packaging and Dispensing, featuring President at

Aptar Beauty EMEA Xavier Susterac and Marketing Manager Aptar Beauty

EMEA Delphine Bony

  • Episode Four: transparency and Sustainability in Contract Manufacturing, featuring

Ancorotti Cosmetics Communication Manager Arwen Imperatori

Subsequently, the editorial plan includes continuous publication of one podcast every

Tuesday, available on Transistor, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcast, Apple

Podcasts, and many more.

The podcast series will be accompanied by a communication plan with online articles,

EDMs, and social media posts on Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna channels.


Deanna Utroske is one of the most well-respected critical thinkers in the cosmetics and

personal care industry today. She is Editor of the Beauty Insights newsletter and a supplyside

positioning consultant. Deanna writes the Global Perspectives column for

EuroCosmetics magazine, and is a former Editor of CosmeticsDesign.

As a public speaker, Deanna has presented to beauty industry audiences in Bologna, Paris,

London, Barcelona, Amsterdam, New York City, and LA as well as via live video. She’s been

a guest lecturer at FIT, Manhattan College, and Columbia College. She often serves as a

judge for both beauty industry and media awards, and is commonly invited to share her

observations with market research and intelligence companies.

Deanna’s writing and commentary have been featured in Cosmetics & Toiletries, Luxe

Packaging Insight, BeautyMatter, NewBeauty Magazine, Beauty Store Business Magazine,

Natural Beauty News, Beauty Industry Report, Beauty Independent, CEW, Stylist France,

Yahoo! Finance, The Huffington Post, PBS Media Shift, and AdWeek (Publishing Executive)

as well as cited on Wikipedia, in peer-reviewed journals, and in several books on cosmetics

and personal care, wellness, and business.


To listen to the CosmoFactory Podcast:




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