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Cosmoprof North America Preview

Cosmoprof North America is almost here! This is one of the most important beauty industry tradeshows in the region and one that I look forward to every year, especially this year!

You already know that the 2022 edition of Cosmoprof North America has an earlier date (July 12 -14) and a new venue at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Cosmopack Expands for 2022

This year, Cosmopack, the portion of the show that supports the supply chain and manufacturing side of the industry will be in a hall all its own. Exhibitors in the North Hall will span packaging, formulation, machinery, and beauty tech. I’ve even spotted several cosmetics and personal care ingredient suppliers on the exhibitors’ list!

BASF will have a booth, Capsoil will be there showcasing its nanometric powder technology,

cannabinoid-specialist KND Labs will be at the show, you can find Rubisco Biotechnology there, as well as Sederma (which is part of Croda), and Seppic is exhibiting this year as well. Additionally, I have personally spoken with ingredient suppliers who will be walking the show this month.

So it’s clear, even before Cosmoprof North America opens for 2022, the supply side of the show will have an even greater significance this year.

A Dedicated Educational Program about the Beauty Supply Chain

Plus, for the first time, there will be a dedicated Cosmopack educational program, which I am very proud to be a part of.

On Wednesday, July 13, at 4pm, (at booth 58067 in the Cosmopack section) I will be discussing transparency and traceability along the beauty supply chain with Chris Collins of Antares Vision Group, and Alexander Kwapis of FusionPKG. Please do join us for that!

All told, more than1,000 exhibitors will be on hand for this year’s show. And an important piece of it, when it comes to trend spotting and innovation, is the brand discovery aspect of Cosmoprof North America.

Brand Discovery and Beauty Trend Spotting at Cosmoprof

To give me a little head start, the team at Cosmoprof has sent their beauty box, featuring more than 10 intriguing brands. So while un-boxing is not something that I generally do, Let’s go ahead and take a look at these products and the beauty trends they illustrate.

Right on top, we have the Angle Baby, an adjustable flow-through eyeliner from La Bomme. The tip of this pen can be adjusted to any angle for ease of application.

So with this one product we see: makeup artistry techniques crossing over into the consumer space;

we see an accessibility story, making color cosmetics easier to apply; of course eyes have been a prominent and important facial feature for makeup brands in recent years; and now the industry is seeing a remarkable lift in color cosmetics sales. So, there’s a lot going on here.

Also part of the makeup boom is this palette from Touch in Sol. The #Glowdient palette showcases a gradient of complexion colors meant for use as a highlighter, blush, bronzer, and eyeshadow.

The vegan brand ona New York sent along illuminating eye gels and a brightening eye cream. Always good things to have when traveling for business. Besides the shift toward vegan in many consumer goods industries, I will make of note a few ingredients with these products from ona New York. The brightening eye cream is formulated with a birch tree extract or juice. And the eye gels are made with extracts from 3 different algae species.

From Fulton & Roark, there’s a solid fragrance in metal packaging. The H2P brand from Qwell

sent their Hydrophy spray essence. Hydration sprays and mists continue to be very popular for use throughout the day. And can be used on both bare skin as well as over makeup. Particularly interesting here is the use of Cypress Tree extract, which you may recall is a beauty ingredient trend that I spoke about following the 2021 edition of Cosmoprof North America.

VoCê Leave In Miracle Conditioner is formulated with Indian Gooseberry. So that’s a vitamin C - rich ingredient that’s not uncommon in skin cleansers, skincare, and hair care.

This product from Clapoti promises to “[provide] the therapeutic feeling of a day at the Korean sauna” So another good example here of the increased crossover between professional and consumer beauty.

There’s a women’s pleasure serum from Vella, reminding us of the place that intimate care and sexual wellness now have in beauty. If that category of particular interest to you, I would recommend that you follow the work of Claire McCormack at IBMG. She covers sexual health topics quite well for our industry.

And just a few more items in the Cosmoprof Box. Touch in Sol also sent an Icy Sherbet Primer that promises a cooling effect. So getting into sensorial benefits.

A lash serum from the California-based brand called Lash Spell. One trend working in favor of indie brands and startups, is the continued demand for regional if not local brands and suppliers.

There’s a beard oil from H.I.M.-istry that doubles as a hydrating and correcting skincare serum. So, a clever twist here on the overlap that we see with skincare and hair care.

And finally, a collection of 4 different collagen hydrogel masks from Knesko. These exemplify the trend of spa-quality products for at-home use. But of course this is not your basic at-mass DIY skincare, Knesko masks are showing up in the treatment room at 5-star spas and resorts.

See you at Cosmoprof!

That’s just a quick snapshot of what can be discovered at Cosmoprof North America this month. My name is Deanna Utroske. And I very much hope to see you there. Thanks for watching! #DUviews


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