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Event Alert: FounderMade

FounderMade Beauty & Wellness Summit 2021

Today, Thursday September 23 at 4pm EST, I am moderating a FREE online FounderMade panel all about sun care and multi-protective beauty. register here


  • Chris Kyrou, Senior Vice President of Research & Development at MANA Products

  • Najla LaFond, Senior Director of Global Regulatory Affairs at MANA Products

  • Pradeep Yadav, Vice President of Research & Development at MANA Products

And as you heard in the intro to this panel, I am your moderator, Deanna Utroske a beauty industry thought leader and business content specialist.

Excerpt Remarks

I am proud to be a part of today’s FouderMade Beauty & Wellness Summit and am really looking forward to our discussion about sun care and multi-protective beauty.

Here today, we’re going to cover the trends and market forces driving innovation, we’ll cover safety matters and regulatory dynamics, and we’ll talk about the latest formulation techniques and ingredient technologies.

To introduce our topic for this panel, which is really multi-protective skincare, a bit more fully, I would say this:

Skincare continues to be a priority for beauty and personal care consumers today, and as a result, we’re hearing more and more about the need for every day sun care, under clothing, indoors, literally, every day.

Blue-light-blocking products are increasingly popular too and we are seeing a spectrum of multi-functional formulas that promise to protect skin from pollutants and irritants including salt, smoke, smog, and even particles being described as micro-dust.

...from there, we moved into our panel discussion and audience Q&A


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