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Event Preview: Cosmopack 2024 at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

If you’re curious about Cosmopack, you already know that what beauty consumers see on the store shelf is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the entirety of the cosmetics, personal care, and fragrance industry. Behind the brands, there exists a world of ingredients and raw materials, private label and contract manufacturers, packaging and applicator suppliers, machinery specialists, automation providers, and full-service solution companies.

2023 photo courtesy of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

And in this article, I will give you a little preview of the companies and products that you can expect to see at the 2024 edition of Cosmopack. You’ll read about raw materials, pigments, actives, and beauty-from-within ingredients; about fragrance suppliers and aromatic chemicals; about a legacy makeup pencil company and an entrepreneur-led brush and applicator business; about immersion mixers and automatic tubing machines; about refillable airless packaging and luxury-level cartons.

But first, let me emphasize that Cosmopack is the only trade fair where attendees come from around the world to discover the right partners and the latest technologies from all of the supply-side sectors in one place.The trade fair takes place concurrently with Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, from Thursday 21 March to Saturday 23 March, 2024....


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