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Green Chemistry Predictions for Beauty in 2022

“In 2022, green chemistry will provoke more real innovation in cosmetics and personal care than any other design framework, industry movement, or trends assessment."

Erica La Sala, writing for CEW Beauty News shared my predictions for the year ahead in an article called, What We Can Expect in 2022.

The article covers topics from green chemistry, clean beauty, M&A activity, the importance of brand and founder origin stories, wellness, and more; with quoted commentary from a range of beauty experts like Dr. Christine Martey-Ochola, Co-Founder & Chemist, NUELE Hair; Greg Starkman, CEO & Founder, Innersense Organic Beauty; Mia Davis, VP of Sustainability & Impact, Credo Beauty; Stephanie Wissink, Managing Director, Jefferies; and Rich Gersten, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, True Beauty Ventures.

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