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Global Perspectives: 3 Big Ideas Driving Innovation in Cosmetics and Personal Care

This installment of my Global Perspectives column for EuroCosmetics magazine is an adaptation of remarks I gave as part of a recent webinar called Backstage Beauty (produced by the team at Mibelle Biochemistry). Here, we cover the Beauty-Being Axis (gut-skin-brain axis), Biomimicry, and Regenerative Beauty.

photo courtesy of EuroCosmetics magazine

Newness gets a lot of attention in our industry. But what I see driving real innovation is not novelty simply for novelty sake. Rather, it’s that our body of knowledge and our knowledge of the body are not only growing in volume but in nuance and sophistication. Today, we collectively understand more about our skin, our bodies, and our world than ever before.

And that understanding is where these 3 big ideas driving innovation in cosmetics and personal care come from: the beauty-being axis, biomimicry, and regenerative beauty.

Products, People, and the Beauty-Being Axis

The Beauty-Being Axis is all about the brain-skin connection, about the gut-skin connection, as well as about how emotional and mental wellbeing are bidirectionally linked to personal care.

Some of the concepts and market realities underlying the Beauty-Being Axis are the popularity of probiotic supplements; consumer interest in microbiome beauty; our long-standing awareness of aromatherapy; and the nuanced functionality of cannabinoid beauty. Psychodermatology figures into this conversation too. And we are also, of course, seeing advances in science and new ingredient technologies bolster the idea of a Beauty-Being Axis. Additionally, repercussions of the pandemic experience, including our lived recognition of holistic wellness are significant here.

But notably, in the ingredients and consumer products I’m seeing, there is something of a distinction between the skin-gut axis, the sensorial skin-brain axis, and the emotional skin-brain axis....


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