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Global Perspectives: 5 Emerging Science and Formulation Trends for Beauty Innovators to Watch in 2023

My first EuroCosmetics magazine column of the New Year covers Phage Technologies for Skincare, Oral Wellness & Smile Care Innovations, the Future of Sun Care, Advances & Opportunities in Clinical Testing, and Next-Generation Cannabinoids.

photo courtesy of Ten Bio

....Some scientists believe that bacterial viruses are the way forward. Brands like Phyla Skincare and Gladskin as well as ingredient innovators like Biocogent and Lysando AG are working with phage technology to address consumer skin concerns such as acne. ‘Phage’ is short for bacteriophage; a type of virus that infects bacteria to perpetuate its own existence and in doing so eliminates the host bacteria.

Lysando AG, for instance, specializes in the development of antimicrobial proteins – proteins that selectively eliminate bacteria. The company’s Artilysin Platform Technology has applications in multiple industries, including personal care and cosmetics. And, in a recent interview, Chairman Markus Graf Matuschka von Greiffenclau spoke with me about Lysando’s unique approach to phage technology....

Other suppliers and brand mentioned or quoted in the article include ⬇︎ these⬇︎

on sun care: Dow, Vytrus Biotech, Arcaea

on clinical testing: Genemarkers, Ten Bio

on cannabinoids: Purissima


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