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Global Perspectives: Advances in Microbiome Beauty Science

In this installment of my column for EuroCosmetics magazine, I explore the human microbiome and check in with experts from HelloBiome, Labskin, MyMicrobiome, Genemarkers, Holiko, BASF, Lactobio, S-Biomedic, LAC2Biome, and Sequential Bio.

photo courtesy of Genemarkers

....And while she sees that, “today…beauty science has come to realize the amazing contribution our microbiomes offer our skin,” Elsa Jungman PhD, Founder and CEO of HelloBiome (a tech platform dedicated to researching the skin, scalp, and vulvar microbiomes), also acknowledges that “the research within the world of the microbiome is still very early.” All of the experts I spoke with for this column agree. Even as long as we’ve been studying and discussing biome beauty, what we know today about the human microbiome is only the beginning.

What the experts that I spoke with—across claims, certification, clinical testing, ingredient innovation and brand formulation—don’t agree on is how cosmetic and personal care suppliers, manufacturers, and brands should address the microbiome. But, when viewed collectively, their strategies sort neatly into three overarching approaches to biome beauty: 1) Leave it alone and learn more, 2) Help it function smoothly, and 3) Modify it for the moment....


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