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Global Perspectives: Microalgae Beauty Ingredient Innovation

In this first installment of my Global Perspectives column for EuroCosmetics magazine, I explore cosmetic ingredient technologies developed using microalgae by companies such as Swedish Algae Factory, Mycrophyt, Lubrizol, Bicosome, and DSM.

photo courtesy of Bicosome

....As many as one million species of microalgae are living on Earth today. And the practical implications and commercial potential of these single-cell organisms are even greater than that figure suggests. The global market for microalgae is estimated to reach 56.5 billion US dollars by 2027, according to a recent article published in Algal Research.


“Each microalga is a world in itself, with its own shape, its own color, and its own way of life. They are at the origin of life on Earth and therefore of all terrestrial plants. Their presence on Earth goes back more than three billion years; and they are found on almost the entire surface of the Earth,” explains Cyrielle Houdin, Cosmetic Ingredients Marketing Manager at Microphyt, a France-based company specializing in microalgae-based bioactives for the cosmetics and nutraceuticals market.


Like all organisms, microalgae require water; and yet, some species live “in environments that are…incompatible with life in general, such as glaciers, hydrothermal springs, and even deserts,” notes Houdin....


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