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Global Perspectives: The Beauty Industry’s Technobiology Tipping Point

This time for EuroCosmetics magazine, I highlight companies working at the intersection of tech and biology, showcasing how AI is supporting cosmetic ingredient discovery and development.

Photo courtesy of Ayana Bio

“The next breakthrough innovation in cosmetics will come from the combination of nature and AI.” That’s what Dr. Hilla Ben-Hamo, CEO and Co-Founder of MeNow, told me when I started asking around about the use of artificial intelligence in various beauty ingredient selection and development platforms.

MeNow and countless other ventures in and adjacent to the cosmetics and personal care industry are using high tech tools to solve biological challenges – ecological, botanical, mycological, dermatological, physiological, etc. We are able to do more, faster and better, with all forms of biology thanks to high tech. And there is no turning back now....


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