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Ideas to Innovation: Developing Tomorrow’s Cosmetic Ingredients Today

Even in an increasingly circular economy, it’s fair to say that ingredients are the starting point of the cosmetics and personal care supply chain.

photo via Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna site

After interviewing companies from the US, the UK, Europe, and Asia—all of which will be exhibiting in the Ingredients Zone of Cosmopack at the 2024 edition of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna—I believe that it’s also fair to say that the cosmetic ingredients of tomorrow start by extracting information from plants. 

In some cases, that information is a literal extract that is then bended or processed by distillation or fermentation. In other cases, it’s literally information that is then translated into advanced manufacturing techniques or synthetic organic chemistry to produce beauty ingredients.

For example, at EXOLAB ITALIA, they “produce new innovative ingredients using plant exosomes derived from Italian organic fruits and vegetables.” It sounds simple when Dr. Valerio Carconi, Co-Founder and Head of Sales and Marketing says it like this; but, sourcing and blending plant exosomes to deliver skincare benefits ranging from skin cell regeneration, to improved elasticity, to reduced hyperpigmentation, sebum regulation, age reversal, etc. is a very careful science...


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