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In The News: award-winning beauty tech, ethical shea partnership, low GWP production

CEW recognizes Amorepacific lip care device, Mary Kay Inc teams with Global Shea Alliance, Chemours ups production of HFC-152a

Photo by Yoksel 🌿 Zok on Unsplash

✨🏆Award Season

CES 2024 opens January 9 in Las Vegas; but as per usual, the renowned technology event has already announced next year’s honorees and award winners. And beauty tech is on the list.

Amorepacific picks up its eighth award for its Lipcure Beam technology: “a groundbreaking beauty tech device that combines lip diagnosis, care, and makeup capabilities in one unit,” according to a press release circulated by the beauty maker this month.

First, the precision sensor cap is used to assess “moisture levels” and “diagnostic results.” After removing the cap, the user applies a “light-responsive material” with a “brush-like” applicator that emits visible light calibrated according to the sensor diagnosis.

The whole device is quite small, designed for use with one hand, and promises to “[maximize] the response of riboflavin, a natural vitamin. This reaction strengthens the collagen fibers inside the lips, forming a moisturizing barrier on the surface. With the technology, users can experience the benefits of slowing down the process of lip aging, thereby creating a more youthful appearance.”

Beauty tech innovations are important to South Korea – based Amorepacific. “The R&I Center at Amorepacific will continue to exert extensive efforts, ensuring every customer achieves a satisfying life through their unique beauty and health,” says Byung-Fhy Suh, head of that center, in this month’s press release.

Among the other beauty tech receiving CES 2024 awards are an AI-powered manicure device from Nimble Beauty, an FDA-cleared laser for at-home skin treatments from NIRA, and an AI-mirror that creates before-and-after styles for hair salons from Mirrorroid Inc.

🌍🌳Sustainable Sourcing

“Together, we aim to establish new industry standards for social and environmental responsibility, transcending beauty to empower individuals, promote sustainability, and foster a more resilient future for the millions of women who depend on shea,” says Mamatou Djaffo, President of the Global Shea Alliance (GSA), commenting on the non-profit association’s newly announced partnership with Mary Kay Inc.

“We extend a heartfelt welcome to Mary Kay Inc,” she adds, noting that, “Their stellar reputation as champions of corporate social responsibility and sustainability perfectly aligns with our mission. We are thrilled at the prospect of collaborating with Mary Kay to drive substantial positive change within the cosmetics industry.”

The GSA membership spans 39 countries includes “women collectors and processors, brands and retailers, ingredient suppliers, civil society, research institutions and policymakers.” The association supports sustainability, quality, and standards across the shea industry, collaborating with partners in both food and beauty.

💨🏭📈Propellent Production

Chemours, a chemical manufacturing company that spun off from DuPont in 2015, has announced plans to expand capacity for the production of HFC-152a.

Also known as 1,1-Difluoroethane, or DFE, the gas is used as propellant for aerosol sprays in hair products. (It also has applications in numerous other industries.) Chemours, the only US – based producer of the gas, expects to have the 20% production capacity increase at its facility in Ingleside, Texas, completed by the middle of next year.

Commenting for the press earlier this month, Joseph Martinko, President of Thermal and Specialized Solutions at Chemours points out that, “As regulations drive the continued phasedown of high GWP [Global Warming Potential] propellants, HFC-152a will continue to be a critical tool for aerosol formulators…offering the consistent, reliable, high-performance their customers demand.”

“Chemours is dedicated to helping customers across industries meet evolving regulatory requirements with solutions that minimize environmental impact without compromising performance,” says Martinko. “This investment is simply the latest example of that commitment. We will continue to invest in HFC-152a and other low GWP solutions to meet the needs of our customers and downstream users with minimal impact on our shared planet.”


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