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In The News: Clean Beauty, Menopause Beauty, AI Skincare & more

Recent cosmetics and personal care industry headlines showcase the importance of diversity, the endurance of clean beauty, the emergence of menopause beauty, and the appeal of beauty tech.

Photo by GraceHues Photography on Unsplash

The #cleanbeauty brand Christina and Lovisa Hahn launched in Sweden in 2016 is coming to the States in the New Year, thanks to a deal with Tenth Avenue Holdings—the same company that sold HELLO to Colgate in mid-2020.

“Led by our growth marketing innovator, Fedja Porobic, our promotional plans include establishing retail partnerships with top direct-to-consumer e-commerce marketplaces,” says Lovisa Hahn, the newly acquired brand’s CEO.

Indie Beauty Reinvented

“We dropped the word 'Beauty' from our name because we are more and more focused on OTC pharmacy skincare and skin analytics for data-driven skin health management,” says Dr. Barbara Paldus, CEO of Codex Labs.

“What began in 2021 with our Efficacy Panel presenting quantitative measurements of product performance in clinical efficacy trials, is a journey leading us to a skintech universe,” she says, “where it is possible to automate dermatological assessment of a skin condition and allow

consumers to perform this analysis with their mobile.” Learn more about the brand's new AI skin assessment tech here on the Codex site.

HBCU Dermatology Fellowship

“an accessible opportunity for UIM (under-represented in medicine) students to obtain research experience, mentorship and networking opportunities at the only dermatology department at an Historically Black University”

That’s how Ginette A. Okoye, MD FAAD, Professor and Chair of Dermatology at Howard University College of Medicine, describes the new fellowship funded by La Roche-Posay and the Women's Dermatologic Society.

The funding provides fellows with a livable salary, including a stipend for health insurance; a research grant; and travel stipends. Plus, there is funding for Howard University dermatology professors who dedicate time to supporting the fellow's learning, according to a recent press release.

Chidubem Okeke (pictured) is this year’s fellow. Her work is dedicated to “understanding skin diseases that disproportionately affect skin of color patients to help reduce health disparities,” according to the release. She’s co-chair of the working group Scarring Alopecia Foundation's Journey to Acceptance, Co-President of Howard University’s Student Dermatology Society, a graduate of Cornell and a 3rd year student at Howard University College of Medicine.

Commenting on this month’s announcement Credo Co-Founder, Annie Jackson, tells the press, “Since inception, Credo and Follain have been on a parallel path, whether related to clean beauty leadership, affecting positive change in the industry or providing a platform for a brand community that is dedicated to conscientious brand creation.”

“This is,” she adds, “an important milestone that furthers our commitment to the health of people and the planet.”

L’Oreal’s new serum for menopausal skin

🌳 Sugar from beech wood trees is the raw material behind L’Oreal’s Pro-Xylane skincare ingredient. And this month the company’s doctor brand VICHY Laboratoires launched a new serum formulated with Pro-Xylane, specifically for consumers with peri- or post-menopausal skin.

“The latest addition to our growing line of targeted and efficacious serums…illustrates the brand's commitment to developing products that are designed to treat skin concerns at all stages of life," says Minh-Dan Tran, Senior Vice President and Head of Brand at VICHY Laboratoires USA.


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