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In The News: consumable cosmetic capsules & upcycling plastic into beauty ingredients

Ingredient distributor Vivion is offering empty capsules and guidance on filling them to nutraceutical makers; and Clariter teams up with TotalEnergies Fluids to upcycle petrochemical plastic into solvents for use in cosmetic and personal care product formulations.

Photo by Ainārs Cekuls on Unsplash

💊Cosmetic Capsules

This month, ingredient distributor Vivion announced the addition of capsules to its product portfolio. The Texas-based company, founded in 1957, serves the food, beverages, pharma, nutrition, and ag industries—as well as, of course, the cosmetics and personal care industry.

By expanding the business beyond ingredients to now include three varieties of empty capsules, Vivion aims to be a better partner to customers in the supplements business. In today’s marketplace, that means not only pharma and nutrition companies but also beauty makers.

“By working hard to understand the needs of our nutraceutical manufacturing customers, I feel we can apply our knowledge to assist with specific challenges,” Alastair Sanderson, CEO of Operio Group (a venture launched just last year to combine the capabilities of Vivion and LFA Machines, a company specializing in machinery for the single-dose industry: tablet presses, capsule fillers, and mixers).

“When this comes to capsules,” Sanderson tells the press, “it is the understanding of how traditional ingredients such as herbal products or vitamins and minerals interact with the empty capsule. By supporting our customers, I am sure Vivion will be able to help them bring better, more cost-effective products to market.”

The newly available capsules come in three different materials (two of which are plant-based): pullulan capsules made up of polysaccharide Amylose; hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) capsules which are made of wood pulp extract; and the third capsule offering is made of gelatin “from natural bovine sources.”

♻💋Cleantech Cosmetics

After a year and a half of collaboration Clariter and TotalEnergies Fluids are now upcycling petrochemical plastic to makes solvents for use in cosmetics and personal care product formulations. The two companies—headquartered in Luxembourg and France, respectively—have developed what they’re calling “the world's first sustainable ultra-pure solvent made from plastic waste.”

Clariter's know-how and experience in plastic upcycling, together with TotalEnergies Fluids' deep knowledge of stringent industry requirements, came together to develop a process to produce sustainable solvents that meet the highest purity standards,” explains Dr. Daria Frączak, Scientific Director at Clariter, in a recent press release.

“We are thrilled,” she said, “to have achieved this significant milestone in our journey towards bringing to industry sustainable, high-quality products made from plastic waste.”

Clariter specializes in cleantech and has developed processes that turn plastic waste into ingredients. The company has three product lines Clariwax (waxes), Oilter (oils), and Solventra (solvents). TotalEnergies Fluids brings in the expertise turn Clariter’s upcycled plastic into ultra-pure solvent.

This isn’t the first time researchers have created viable beauty ingredients from plastic waste. At the start of 2020, I covered news of a project here in the States where chemists from four universities and the US Department of Energy developed a method for upcycling polyethylene into liquid lubricants and waxes. read that article here


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