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In The News: cultivating fruit for use in beauty care

One city in China wants to be the world's provider of all things pomegranate---beauty ingredients included.

Photo by Jonas Renner on Unsplash

🍅💥Pomegranate Proliferation

If the proceedings of a recent industry development conference in the Global Capital of Pomegranates is any indication, we’re likely to see an uptick in cosmetic ingredients derived from the antioxidant-rich fruit.


Late last month, Zaozhuang City hosted the 2023 Pomegranate Industry Development Conference. This one city, just east of Weishan Lake in China’s Shandong province, cultivates some 20,000 acres of pomegranates and is intentionally positioning itself “as a hub for industrial growth,” according to a media release issued following the conference.


Among the over 30 companies in Zaozhuang that process the fruit and manufacture products for both industry and consumer use across several sectors are those who cater to the beauty industry. It is not uncommon for regional pomegranate processors to supply the cosmetics and personal care industry with Ellagic Acid Powder, Hull Extract, Fruit Extract, Peel Extract, Seed Extract (with over 50% of the bioactive Punicic Acid), and so on. Some suppliers even promote their extracts as Kosher and Halal.


One of nearly 25 projects coming out of the recent industry development conference is a trial garden in Zaozhuang City where new pomegranate varieties will be developed.


It will be interesting to see if all the city-wide and regional efforts to expand the pomegranate industry in China (and the global reach of that industry) will be felt in the larger beauty ingredient marketplace in the years to come.


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