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In The News: designing molecules with AI and biotech

310 is part of new Ginkgo Bioworks network meant to integrate R&D and improve bio design

Photo by reza shayestehpour on Unsplash

🤖🧬💋 user-friendly AI molecular design

That’s the promise of, a San Francisco, California – based biotech research company founded in 2022 by Kooshiar Azimian.


The whole company is premised on the idea that the “design of novel biomolecules is the single most impactful advancement that will be enabled by AI in the coming decade.” And they’re making this a reality by leveraging GPUs.


Graphic Processing Units are electronic circuits that make it possible to speed up the computational process. And computational processes are when an abstraction (which is knowledge or information taken, shall we say, out of context; it’s what can be perceived without details such as space, time, or tangible physical properties) takes several factors into consideration and turns up a precise solution.


What this means for cosmetic ingredient development is that thanks to 310’s Copilot platform, beauty scientists can use web-based chat to design, visualize, and run molecular models. Just as ChatGPT turns your text prompts into dynamic socials posts, the 310 Copilot platform turns your text prompts into novel molecules—the beauty ingredients of tomorrow.


And is part of the new Ginkgo Technology Network from the cell programming specialists at Ginkgo Bioworks. The newly launched network comprises some 25 partners and will grow (especially in terms of AI capabilities) to further support Ginkgo’s customers in their R&D work, “helping eliminate the siloing and switching costs” that often limit progress, according to last week’s press release.


“Our customers give us some of their toughest problems to solve, and we have seen that unbiased and integrated R&D approaches coupled with experimentation at scale is the most powerful approach for biological engineering,” says Jason Kelly, CEO and Co-Founder of Ginkgo Bioworks, in his remarks to the press.


And Anna Marie Wagner, SVP, Head of AI and Head of Corporate Development, at Ginkgo Bioworks further explains the import of this new initiative, saying, “Perhaps one of the most unique capabilities that Ginkgo has developed over the years is the ability to integrate many diverse computational and experimental technologies to deliver on complex customer needs at the bleeding edge of innovation across many product classes….It’s clear that even the best AI models benefit tremendously from access to relevant labeled data and it’s equally clear that experimental designs are dramatically improved with input from AI.”


“I’m grateful," continues Wagner, "to our inaugural network partners for taking this journey with us. The opportunities in biology are too great and the challenges too complex for us to take this journey alone.”


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