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In The News: funding cosmetic regulations, sustainable packaging distribution deal

PCPC speaks up in support of MoCRA funding bill, and packaging material innovator Sulapac signs a deal with APG Europe to bring sustainable material options to beauty brands of every size.

Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

💰💋Money for Modernization

PCPC President and CEO Lezlee Westine published a brief item on a dot-com called RealCear Policy (a site dedicated to US domestic policy topics, with a particular focus on the issues and ideas of think tanks, associations, and foundations).

In the item, Westine outlines the importance of our industry, the association’s regulatory advocacy, and some highlights of MoCRA. And then she emphasizes that “the FDA needs funding to implement these critical provisions.”

“PCPC’s message to Capitol Hill is clear and urgent,” writes Westine: “we support the $7 million in the Senate Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act to empower the FDA to fully implement MoCRA….A lack of funding now would undermine more than a decade of bipartisan effort….We urge Congress to act quickly to provide the FDA with the resources it needs to fulfill MoCRA’s promise. Now is the time to make this promise a reality.”

The Senate Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act was introduced in late June by Senator Martin Heinrich of New Mexico and then assigned to the Senate Appropriations Committee, where it will be researched, discussed, and revised before being first voted on in the Senate.

🌳🍯Sustainable Packaging for smALL

A newly announced partnership between sustainable packaging material innovator Sulapac and the distribution company APG Europe means that cosmetics and supplements brands of nearly every size will have access to the company’s compelling primary packaging solutions.

“We are extremely happy that now also the smaller brands have the opportunity to easily adopt Sulapac packaging,” says the company’s International Sales Director Colin Strobant in his remarks to the press this week. And from his vantage point, Strobant sees that a market exists among small and medium size brands: “There is clearly a strong demand for sustainable, beautiful and functional packaging….With APG, we can address it with efficiency and reliability while maintaining an excellent service level.”

Sulapac, a Netherlands-based company headquartered in Finland, has since 2016 developed novel materials that contain high bio-based content, that are biodegrade leaving no persistent microplastics, and perhaps most importantly for industry adoption these materials can be used with existing plastic converting machinery such as injection molding, extrusion, 3D-printing, and thermoforming.

And now primary packaging made of Sulapac materials are available through a dedicated APG online store that also offers decoration, logistics, and other services. MOQs on the site are as low as 150 pieces (just as a reminder, MOQ is short for minimum order quantity).

Manufacturers, including Hermann Koch Cosmetic Packaging, NISSHA, and Volumatik, are supplying the actual jars and lids and other Sulapac items sold on the site.


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