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In The News: Green Chemistry Manufacturing, Upcycled Skincare Ingredients, AgTech, & Sun Care

Beauty Industry news of late showcases the value of upcycled ingredients, green chemistry, efficient supply chains, consumer sun care compliance, and more.

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Dynamic Blending to open Green Chemistry Experience Center

💋🧪Last week, the Utah-based contract manufacturer announced a significant facility expansion project; one that will add fragrance making services, accelerated production, updated and more spacious laboratories, and top-tier quality control capabilities, as well as a dedicated Green Chemistry Experience Center.

The Green Chemistry Experience Center is being built to showcase innovations in beauty science, particularly those that “use natural ingredients that are more sustainable, eco-friendly, organic and safer for consumers,” according to a press release announcing the expansion of Dynamic Blending.

“We look forward to maximizing our new space as we continue to increase our product formulation and manufacturing offerings,” comments Stephen Merrill, the company’s COO and interim CFO. And he notes, “We continue offering small batch orders with a fast turnaround, while meeting demand by companies of all sizes.”

Upcycled Kiwi Leaf Extract Hits Beauty Ingredient Market

🥝💋Following 10 years of research and development work, Groupe Berkem announced the launch of Ki’Leaft this month. The new skincare ingredient promises antioxidant benefits, firming and regenerative properties, as well as skin barrier reinforcement.

The new Ki’Leaft, produced at the company’s extraction facility in Dordogne, France, is said to be rich in sugars, contain polyphenols, and be well suited for use in skincare formulations such as serum and treatment products.

“The development of this new active ingredient with remarkable benefits by upcycling meets the demands of our customers in the cosmetics industry, both professionals and major brands, while also illustrating our Group’s CSR commitments,” says Charlène Martin, Marketing Manager at Groupe Berkem in this month’s media release.

Supergoop! Leadership Honored by EY

☀️This month, Founder Holly Thaggard and CEO Amada Baldwin were recognized as 2022 National Overall Award winners for their ambitions and achievements by the prestigious EY Entrepreneur of The Year program.

“Holly and Amanda have stood out in an extremely competitive industry by demonstrating an uncanny ability to create and market SPF-boosted skincare and beauty products in a way that makes consumers excited to use them,” says AJ Jordan, Director of the EY Americas Entrepreneur Of The Year awards program, in this week’s press release.

“The mission-driven duo has grown a booming business built on trying to save lives. They exemplify the values of the program, and we are so excited to celebrate them as the Entrepreneur Of The Year 2022 National Overall Award winners,” concludes Jordan.

Addressing Inflammaging with Upcycled Mandarin Peel Paste

🍊At the start of the month, beauty ingredient maker Mibelle Biochemistry launched CALMandrin. The new ingredient is made from peel paste that remains after fragrance makers on the Greek island of Chios run the fruit through a distillation process.

According to the press release Mibelle shared with me, CLAMandrin provides benefit that include: calming irritated skin, soothing inflamed and reddened skin, promoting collagen production, and improving both skin firmness and skin density.

Contract Manufacturer Capsum invests in Orius

🌱The beauty maker known for its distinctive microfluidic encapsulations recently announced a minority investment in the France-based living organism production startup. Capsum’s investment will help Orius build out its technologies for producing plants, mushrooms, insects, and microorganisms in controlled environments.

The two companies are also partners on Capsum’s indoor agriculture initiative, a project designed to bring vegetal raw materials and natural actives with consistent quality and availability to the manufacturer’s partner brands. The forthcoming skincare and personal care ingredient portfolio also promises to be more energy efficient and use less water than conventional ag. And according to a press release shared by the company, “the ultra-short supply chain (local cultivation + extraction) ensures the best conservation of active molecules, harvesting fresh plants right before it is transformed.”

Commenting for the press, Orius CEO Paul-Hector Oliver emphasizes that “Orius totally [identifies] with the scientific artisan approach of Capsum, combining rigor and creativity in designing cosmetic products. Our close partnership,” he says, “also gives us the opportunity to take advantage of Capsum’s experience to develop equipment and services specially adapted to the beauty industry.”


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