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In The News: longevity wellness and skin aging, Indie Beauty events for buyers and suppliers, skincare supplements

Elysium Health launches a skin aging supplement, IBMG events support indie brands in a new market, published research on the benefits of collagen and MSM combined

Photo by Mojtaba Ghasemi on Unsplash

⏳🔬Longevity Science

“As naturally-occurring antioxidants, the carotenoids in Mosaic have the potential to create a cellular environment to counter key stressors that drive skin aging–working with your skin's natural regenerative processes to protect and enhance the skin's whole-body appearance by driving changes from the inside.” This is quote from Dr. Richard Granstein, chair of the Department of Dermatology at Weill Cornell Medicine (who also happens to sit on the Elysium Health Scientific Advisory Board and hold equity in Elysium Health, the brand behind the newly launched Mosaic supplement).


The Skin Aging + Collagen Support soft gels launched this month and underline the relevance of skincare supplements, skin longevity, and (one aspect of) regenerative beauty—all trends that I am watching.


Elysium Health is not a beauty brand. It’s a consumer health company leveraging leading-edge science. The brand’s line of products—all of which are supplements except for a biological age test—include a supplement to address cellular aging, one for immune aging, for brain aging, for metabolic aging, and now for skin aging.


The brand’s Chief Scientist Dr. Leonard Guarente, who’s also Novartis Professor of Biology at MIT, explains it this way: “At Elysium, what separates us is that product development always begins by looking at the world through the lens of aging and longevity in partnership with leading scientists.”


And he adds, in the recent press release announcing Elysium Health’s latest supplement that, “What is evident from the scientific literature is that any effort to impact the aging of our skin should include a solution like Mosaic, which addresses the driving forces at the cellular level from the inside.”


💋Indie Beauty just got more eventful❗️

Late last week IBMG announced the winners of the Beauty Independent 2023 Beacon Awards. The awards program, running since 2020 “recognizes innovation and excellence in independent beauty and beauty entrepreneurship,” according to a media released issued on Thursday—one day after the winners were celebrated in an online event.


Brands, retailers, investors, and outstanding individuals were all honored and you can read the Beauty Independent team’s coverage of the awards online here.


The Indie Beauty Media Group is also looking ahead to a first (since early 2020) in-person brand discovery show with the launch of AditLive in Los Angeles, California, on February 1, 2024. A second edition of the new show is scheduled for June 20, 2024 in New York City.


Just ahead of the February AditLive event, IBMG is hosting a “cross-functional beauty industry trade show entirely focused on addressing the supply-side needs of professional beauty entrepreneurs.” The Uplink Expo will run January 29 and 30 and promises not only a chance for brand leaders to connect with suppliers but also educational programing as well.


By comparison AditLive is space for the beauty and wellness entrepreneurs to exhibit, connecting with retail buyers, investors, the press, and other brand leaders. Learn more about AditLive & Uplink Expo here.


🥛💋Swallow Your Skincare

Research on the skin health benefits of collagen and MSM—taken in combination—has just been published in the November issue of Elsevier’s peer-reviewed Journal of Functional Foods.


“The aim of this randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled four-way study was to investigate and compare the effects of 12-week daily dietary supplementation with products containing 10g hydrolysed fish collagen (HC) or a combination of 5g or 10g HC with 1.5g methylsulphonylmethane (MSM) on dermis density in healthy human subjects,” according to the article abstract.


An improvement in dermis density, skin texture, and a reduction in wrinkles was documented for the products used in the study. And those “containing MSM were superior in the improvement of skin thickness and roughness, and a higher dose of HC combined with MSM was crucial for improvement in hydration.”


The study authors are affiliated with VIST Institute of Cosmetics and the Nutrition Institute (both in Slovenia). And the tested products were all developed and produced by Tosla Nutricosmetics, a beauty supplements maker also based in that country.


Uroš Gotar, Chief Innovation Officer at Tosla, calls the newly published article “a huge milestone,” because it demonstrates the company’s dedication to not only developing effective product formulas but to also validating the efficacy objectively and academically, giving brands “claims they can use in their communications.” Read the open-access article online here.


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