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In The News: R&D for China’s domestic beauty industry and manufacturing ownership change

Yatsen Group opens Global Innovation R&D Center and controlling interest in personal care manufacturer RGC changes hands

Photo by Hans Isaacson on Unsplash

🇨🇳💋In The Books

This month, Yatsen Group opened a first R&D center for its flagship brand, specifically to advance China’s domestic beauty industry.


Perfect Diary launched in 2017 and is the largest brand in the Yatsen Group portfolio of companies. The mass market beauty brand is known for color cosmetics, skincare, and tools. And just last year, Perfect Diary pivoted its marketing and product launches specifically to reach Gen Z and Millennial consumers.


At the opening of the brand’s Global Innovation R&D Center in Shanghai, China, last week, Huang Jinfeng, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Yatsen Group, summarized the company’s plan saying, “Moving forward we will continue to adhere to the founding principles; to be rooted in science, technology, research, and development.”


“We will also,” said Huang, “deepen our cooperation with renowned international research institutes, colleges and universities, and hospitals at home and abroad, building the Yatsen Global Innovation R&D Center into a platform for the future of domestic beauty products, bringing higher-quality beauty products to consumers.”


According to this month’s media release, the new Perfect Diary Global Innovation R&D Center is about 4,000 square meters and includes “a number of comprehensive scientific research laboratories featuring cutting-edge technologies, formulation, analytical laboratory, microbiology, as well as sensory, clinical, packaging, a neuroscience pilot scale-up laboratory, and more, allowing the management of the whole-chain R&D with international ‘top-grade’ equipment….including a confocal laser scanning microscope (CLSM), flow cytometer, multi-mode microplate reader, facial analysis imaging system, and more.”


🇪🇸🧴From Spain to the World

This month, controlling interest in cosmetics and personal care manufacturer RGC (Romar Care Group) changed hands—from GPF Partners to ACON Investments and DeA Capital Alternative Funds.


The private equity fund GPF Parters brought Quimi Romar and Envasados Xiomara together in 2019 to create the company that is today Romar Care Group. And last year, as part of its ongoing international expansion strategy, RCG opened a new 50,000 + square meter production facility in Sagunto, Valencia, Spain.


Currently RGC manufactures and distributes not only cosmetics and personal care but also home care. These are the company’s beauty brands: Agrado (fragrance, hair care, skincare, body care, and personal care including oral care); Sairo (fragrance, bath and body, and personal care again including oral care); and Amalfi (hair care, body care, oral care, and a line of personal care for babies and kids).

According to this month’s press release, RGC products are sold in more than 100 countries around the world—in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Latin America—and over 60% of revenue is generated from sales outside of Spain.


“We are extremely pleased to have launched our new plant and excited about our Company's future,” says Pablo Rodriguez-Gimeno, CEO of RGC, in the release. “We welcome ACON and DeA as our new equity partners and look forward to working closely with them as we embark on RGC's next stage of growth.”


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