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In The News: upcycled coffee for beauty, call for cosmetic science papers, ingredient distribution deal

Intercos teams up with Amarey to develop upcycled coffee ingredients, SCC annual meeting call for papers, and Oh, Oh, Organics Inc. parters with Macro Oceans

Photo by aamyrkhalil on Unsplash

☕️💋 Coffee Crop

“As my grandfather Ernesto used to say, ‘Innovation is just a successful disobedience’, and it is precisely this disobedience that will continue to drive our scientific innovation.”


That’s a quick quote from Andrea Dominique Illy, Co-Founder & CEO of the stylish skincare brand called Amarey that is dedicated to “[pioneering] the circular economy of coffee.” This past month at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, the brand, in partnership with Intercos, launched a first cosmetic ingredient—a coffee butter developed from the extract of silver skin, a film covering the coffee bean that peels off during roasting and is conventionally discarded. The coffee butter ingredient promises both “toning and emollient properties,” according to a media release circulated about the Amarey – Intercos partnership. And the first product prototype featuring the ingredient is a face powder.


Several bold startup brands have made progress developing new supply chains for upcycled ingredients, and Amarey is in a uniquely powerful position to do so in the coffee sector. The brand’s founders are also from the Illy family—of illycaffè. The Trieste, Italy – based coffee company was founded in 1933; and now in 2024, consumers around the world enjoy an impressive 8 million cups of illycaffè brand coffee daily.   


Intercos is among the leading development and manufacturing companies in the cosmetics industry. Founded in 1972 and headquartered in Milan, Italy, Intercos today comprises 11 research centers, 16 production facilities, and 16 commercial offices around the world.


“We are enthusiastic about the partnership with Amarey and illycaffè, because it has enabled us to rapidly complete a revolutionary research project of this kind,” says Gabriele Depta, Intercos Group Chief R&D Officer, in her remarks to the press.


“In fact,” she says, the partnership “combines attention to the environment through principles of circular economy, which allows us to give new life to food waste, and the development of an innovative raw material with multiple applications. The ‘Open Innovation’ approach instantly connected us to Amarey and illycaffè, and we immediately embraced the project, from which the strong synergy began.”


The beauty industry can expect to see further coffee ingredient and product innovations to come from this partnership.


🧪👩🏻‍💻 Call for Papers


This year’s annual meeting and scientific showcase will again be a two-and-a-half day conference. And SCC HQ expects to feature over 40 speakers, 3 keynotes, and 100+ posters and tabletop exhibitors.


The meeting will take place December 11 – 13; and more than 1,000 attendees are expected “from top cosmetic/personal care brands, manufacturers, suppliers, academia, and regulatory organizations around the globe,” according to the organization’s website. Registration for the meeting will open this summer.


In the meantime, “All scientists, academicians, students, policy makers and other stakeholders in the cosmetic and personal care community are invited to submit an abstract of original work, lab demonstration or case study for consideration to present as a podium lecture.”


The SCC has posted this topics-of-interest list:


  • Skin Care (Personalization, Biomarkers, New Methodologies)

  • Hair Care

  • Diversity & Inclusion in Beauty (Color Cosmetics, Photoprotection)

  • Sunscreens

  • Sustainable Product Development

  • AI & Machine Learning

  • Polymers

  • Claims and Regulatory (Latest Updates, Safety Testing)

  • Biotechnology



🌱🌊 Organic Ocean

Sustainable ingredient distributor Oh, Oh Organic Inc. has announced a partnership with Macro Oceans, an ingredient startup making waves with its zero-waste, fully US supply chain.


“We are proud to work alongside Macro Oceans and bring a unique product that provides natural hydration from pristine Alaska seaweed, while minimizing the carbon impact,” says Gay Timmons, Founder of Oh, Oh Organic Inc. in her recent statement to the press.


The first ingredient available from Macro Oceans is the “Hydrating Marine Polysaccharides for skin and hair care, which offers clinically proven hydration, sun protection, and anti-redness benefits,” according to the distributor’s press release.


Oh, Oh Organic Inc. has samples available for shipment and can share third-party clinical efficacy data as well.


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