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Resource Revolution: CosmoTalks panel discussion on-demand

In this panel, bold companies from around the world, investing in the future of our industry and the future of our planet, come together for a dynamic conversation about the transition away from the harmful take-and-make linear economy to a truly circular beauty supply chain. 

Photo courtesy of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

As the cosmetics and personal care industry moves toward zero-waste, regenerative, and carbon negative technologies, we can see all variety of adaptations and innovations taking place along the supply chain—real change is happening across ingredients, packaging materials, product manufacturing, brand leadership, and more.

In the CosmoTalks session, I speak with some of beauty’s boldest thinkers to discover how they’re actively inventing a circular supply chain and sparking tomorrow’s resource revolution today:

Laura Tirkkonen-Rajasalo, Co-Founder and Director of QA & RA at Sulapack Ltd

Carlo Andriolo, CEO of Aliplast SPA

Boris Oak, Founder and CEO of RUVI Skincare

Matthew Perkins, Founder and CEO of Macro Oceans

John Morgan, Founder and CEO of Evoke Sustainable Packaging


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