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The Best 2023 Cosmetics & Personal Care Tradeshows and Beauty Industry Events List

If you’re in the business of skincare, makeup, hair care, bath and body care, fragrance, wellness, hygiene, nail care, and the like; then there is a full calendar of events waiting for you in 2023.

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What you will find on the 2023 list are tradeshows and events featuring ingredient suppliers, formulation information, regulatory topics, contract manufacturers, both primary and secondary packaging, plus brand and product discovery opportunities. There are also specialized shows on the list—in tech, sustainability, Halal lifestyle, etc.—that have adequate beauty industry representation. Select business and chemistry events are included as well when they have beauty-relevant content or some other particular significance for the cosmetics and personal care industry this year.

& this year, in response to your requests, exhibitor and attendees numbers are noted where possible

What you won’t find on the 2023 list are events exclusively for the professional beauty sector (salons, spas, makeup artists, nail techs, medi spas, dermatologists, etc.) or events exclusively for exhibiting and discovering manufacturing equipment and technologies (though sections devoted to pro beauty and manufacturing equipment can be found at some of the listed shows). Most of the events listed here are in-person events, some are hybrid, and others are online only. In every case, dates and details are subject to change, and you should follow the links to get the most up-to-date info from the organizers.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who took time to comment and share notes on my LinkedIn post asking for help building this list!

January 2023 Cosmetics & Personal Care Tradeshows and Beauty Industry Events

CES (Consumer Electronics Show)

Las Vegas, Nevada, US

January 5 – 8

Exhibitors: 2,200

Attendees: 100,000


Paris, France

January 10 – 11

Exhibitors: 227

Attendees: 4,000

Cosme Tech

Tokyo, Japan

January 11 – 13

Exhibitors: 900

Attendees: 35,000

IBA Town Hall

Independent Beauty Association


January 12

WWD Digital Beauty Forum

New York, New York, US

January 24

Paris Packaging Week

Paris, France

January 25 – 26

Exhibitors: 600

Attendees: 1,600

International Conference on Biopolymers and Polymer Chemistry

New York, New York, US

January 30 – 31

February 2023 Cosmetics & Personal Care Tradeshows and Beauty Industry Events

Skin Science Days

Lyon, France

February 2 – 3

NY Now

New York, New York, US

February 5 – 8

Exhibitors: 750

Attendees: 10,000


convergence of beauty retail, technology, e-commerce and experience

San Diego, California

February 6 – 7

Health & Wellness Japan

Tokyo, Japan

February 8 – 10

Exhibitors: 500

Attendees: 20,000

Beauty Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya

February 10 – 12


Nürnberg, Germany

February 14 – 17

Exhibitors: 170

Attendees: 24,250


Guangzhou, China

15 – 17 February

Exhibitors: 600

Attendees: 2,600

hpci India

Mumbai, India

February 16 – 17

Exhibitors: 250

Attendees: 4,000

Luxe Pack Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California, US

February 16 – 17

Exhibitors: 100

Attendees: 5,000

MakeUp in LA

Los Angeles, California, US

February 16 – 17

Exhibitors: 130

Attendees: 4,000

PDM Annual Meeting

Packaging Distributors & Manufacturers

St. Petersburg, Florida

February 28 – March 2

White Label World Expo

London, England

February 28 – March 1

Exhibitors: 500

Attendees: 7,000

March 2023 Cosmetics & Personal Care Tradeshows and Beauty Industry Events

Beauty Tech & Innovation Summit

San Francisco, California, US

March 1 – 2

Exhibitors: 30

IBA Cosmetic Technical / Regulatory Forum

Independent Beauty Association

virtual March 1 – 2

Natural Products Expo West

Anaheim, California, US

March 7 – 11

Exhibitors: 2,700

Attendees: 57,000

Guangzhou International Personal Care Expo

Guangzhou, China

March 9 – 11

Exhibitors: 300

beautyworld Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

March 13 – 15

Exhibitors: 75

Attendees: 4,700

NZSCC Suppliers’ Day

New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Chemists

Auckland, New Zealand

March 16

Cosmoprof Worldwide

Bologna, Italy

March 16 – 20

Exhibitors: 3,000

Attendees: 250,000

Annual Meeting & ToxExpo

Society of Toxicology

Nashville, Tennessee

March 19 – 23

Exhibitors: 260

Attendees: 5,000


Las Vegas, Nevada, US

March 26 – 29

Exhibitors: 400

Attendees: 10,000

ACS Spring

America Chemistry Society

Indianapolis, Indiana, US

March 26 – 30

Exhibitors: 500

Attendees: 8,000

Students: 3,500

Legal, Regulatory, and Compliance Forum on Cosmetics & Personal Care Products

New York, New York, US

March 28 – 29

in-cosmetics global

Barcelona, Spain

March 28 – 30

Exhibitors: 1,800

Attendees: 40,000

Circular Chemistry Conference

Geleen, Netherlands

March 29


The Art Perfumery Event

Milan, Italy

March 30 – April 2

Exhibitors: 260

Attendees: 7,000

Experience Lab

Milan, Italy

March 30 – April 2

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