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Beauty Industry Transparency: The Insider’s Perspective

What do we have to gain from beauty industry transparency?

You shared lots of thoughtful answers to that question, when (just a few weeks ago) I made a post asking for your ideas about transparency on LinkedIn. With every comment that shows up, I’m seeing transparency from a new angle.

Stakeholders are Influencing How Beauty Makers Communicate

And on the face of it, beauty industry transparency is a very consumer-driven movement and one that's changing the way brands innovate and communicate.

From that perspective, we might say that transparency is being led by the expectations of educated consumers, by clean beauty innovations, and by consumer safety concerns.

For some, beauty industry transparency is about ingredient disclosure, conscious sourcing, and ethics. It’s about allergen information and labeling compliance; while some are even proposing that European labeling standards are in-and-of-themselves a model of transparency

Or, some say the beauty biz transparency is about clearing up intentional and unintentional inaccuracies and about getting the messaging right, the website copy complete, and meaningful certifications in place

Depending on who you ask, beauty industry transparency is within the purview of brands, of marketers, or of manufacturers. Beauty industry transparency can mean welcoming a true diversity of consumers, of leaders, and of stakeholders across the board. Transparency is verging into sustainability and involves packaging now too.

Technology has a role to play in transparency. Block chain, for instance, can give beauty consumers on-demand access to ingredient origin insights.

Transparent Business is In Demand More than Ever

The incentives for beauty industry transparency are not new. But there is a new intensity for full transparency in the cosmetics, personal care, fragrance, and wellness business. Transparency now extends beyond the brand, back though the supply chain and forward toward retail.

But even knowing all of that, I’m still curious about the consequences and the advantages of transparency in this business that we call beauty.

Is it something we’re pursuing simply to meet consumer expectations and to stay in business or is there something to be gained by everyone? Could or should industry transparency change the way that business is done?

Comments Welcome

You tell me. Comment below and we’ll keep this conversation going. I reply to every comment that you make on my posts here, so please, do share your thoughts below!

And thanks so much for watching DUviews.

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