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Cosmoprof North America 2022: Trends, Takeaways, & Technologies

The B2B Beauty Industry Tradeshow was back in full force this year, serving the cosmetics and personal care industry with exhibitors and education from every sector. Here, I've put together a quick count-down list of highlights from the show.

5 brilliant quotes

On Day 1 of Cosmoprof North America, Correy Huggins of Ready to Beauty sat down with Romina Brown of Strategic Solutions International in an educational session called The Brown Paper: What You Need to Know about Multicultural Beauty and its Consumers. These 5 quotes are just a small sampling of the data-backed insights Romina shared during their conversation:

· "Black owned brands are now the drivers of growth for key retailers! The growth comes from disrupters, innovative brands, founder led brands."

· "Color cosmetics, [especially] lipstick and lashes are selling well at beauty supply."

· "It matters to these women whether a brand is black owned. Results matter most; but she looks for product to be delivered to market in an authentic manner."

· "A lot of women are tired of natural and might consider chemically altering their hair."

· "Styling flexibility, the ability to go back and forth between curly and straight without altering your curl pattern, [is the greatest unmet need in multicultural beauty]."

4 stand-out brand concepts

· mājen is a green beauty brand based in Chile. Launched in 2008 the mājen product portfolio includes skincare, personal care, aromatherapy (solid fragrance), body care, hair care, and a mom-and-baby line. The hand-made, small-batch products all feature ingredients sourced from the biogeographically distinct Valdivian Forrest.

· QyoQyo is a good-natured brand that takes tangerine from JeJu Island as the hero ingredient for its products across skincare, body care, sun care, etc. (photo via @situationalskincare on IG)

· urang is a US-based brand making organic skincare products in the presence of music. “We believe making the products with love brings out the quality and with music sends out a positive vibe.”

· Geske launched at the show with an expansive line of affordable, fashionable skincare devices spanning the continuum of at-home treatments, all supported by an app that assesses consumer skin conditions and recommends devices accordingly.

3 notable cosmetic & personal care ingredient strategies

· Rubisco Biotech uses environmental biotech to produce novel sustainable natural ingredients developed from the stem cells of Chilean botanicals. The company’s first ingredient is AustralCell Alerce, an anti-aging skincare active leveraging the unique properties of the world’s oldest tree: Fitzroya Cupressoide or Chilean Alerce. (photo via

· eau de silk is a skincare brand owned by a silk textiles manufacturer. Sericin, a silk protein that goes unused in the fabric making process, is upcycled into a skincare ingredient.

· cosrx is a skincare brand that’s all about product formulations that highlight so called sub-ingredients rather than a ‘hero’ ingredient. Sub-ingredients are inputs that boost the efficacy and benefits of the main ingredient.

2 beauty product formulation & manufacturing highlights

· Korea-based manufacturer Nowcos launched its new proprietary Blooming encapsulation tech at Cosmoprof North America this week. The formulas are water-rich (60% 70% or 80%) and comprise small soft capsules of color and fragrance that burst upon application. While the size of the capsules (which are formed in a mixer) isn’t completely uniform, they can be modified to larger sizes and firmer textures depending on the product format and desired color payoff.

· ATGpharma was a first-time exhibitor at this year’s show, bringing small-batch solutions for brands ready to bring filling in-house and have fuller oversight of their product production process. The company’s versatile equipment solutions can accommodate a range of product format and formulation rheologies; be modified to suit various container heights; and the trays that hold the bottles or jars or tubes are custom molded to fit each brand’s packaging, be it stock or custom.

1 clever NPD platform

· Maycoders will connect brand leaders and founders with product manufactures based in South Korea. It’s is the latest in a surge of new-product-development tech platforms launching online tools to help brands formulate products, select packaging, design labels, and team up with manufacturers. The company used this year’s Cosmoprof North America for a soft launch; the beta site will go live this August.


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