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DUviews beauty industry video and blog commentary series now available on

Cosmetics and personal care industry executives, brand leaders, and aspiring entrepreneurs turn to the DUviews blog and video series for insights on the trends, movements, and innovations that are disrupting beauty today.

Deanna Utroske launched DUviews in January 2020 as a thought leadership video series on LinkedIn, highlighting the scope and sophistication of topics that matter in beauty today. In March of that same year, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit New York City (where Deanna lives), her focus shifted to how the global beauty industry and the people who make it possible were responding, collaborating, and adapting to survive and thrive in truly challenging times.

Today, new DUviews episodes (as well as the full archive) are published on and is all about the ingredients and specialty chemicals, the products and processes, the packaging and the issues—and of course the people—that make the cosmetics and toiletries industry what it is.


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About Deanna Utroske

Deanna Utroske is a business content specialist and a top-tier critical thinker in the cosmetics and personal care industry. She's known globally for her fair-minded industry commentary, clear and concise explanations of complex issues, as well as for her candid analysis of the trends, movements, and innovations disrupting today’s beauty industry.


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