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In The News: formulating personal care with propolis, new report on textured hair consumers

Beehive Botanicals gets back into the beauty business, and Carra launches a first report on The Textured Hair Gap and what needs to happen to close it.

Photo by Kayla Farmer on Unsplash

🐝Beauty from Bees

Now after 51 years in business, the company is led by Owner and President Linda Graham and CFO Michelle Graham-Forrester, second and third generations of the family. And under their leadership, Beehive Botanicals is again getting into the beauty business.

This week, Beehive Botanicals launched hair care and skin care: a Honey Silk Shampoo and Conditioner, Honey Silk Day and Night creams, Artisan Oatmeal Soap, Triple Mint Lip Balm, and a Manuka Honey and Propolis Moisturizing Cream. A tonic formulated with propolis and elderberry as well as an eye cream are said to be in the product pipeline.

“We're very excited to be relaunching our line of personal care products,” says Owner and President Linda Graham in her remarks to the press this week. “They are an important part of our history of doing business in a small town in Northern Wisconsin, and we want consumers to be able to experience the beneficial properties that ingredients sourced by bees offer.”

And she goes on to highlight the value that her family-owned business adds not only to the marketplace at large but to the local area also: “We employ over 40 people and are known in our community for being a woman-run business that gives back to its community,” says Graham. “When consumers purchase a Beehive Botanicals product, they are keeping our vision alive.”

🎀Hair Intel

Late last week, the hair care recommendation platform Carra Labs published a first report called The Texture Gap that promises to “[dive] into the intricacies of the Type 4 textured hair consumer.”

Launched in 2021 by London-based entrepreneur Winnie Awa, the Carra platform is an AI-powdered product and care routine recommendation resource for consumers with textured hair. And importantly, AI isn’t making those personalized recommendations on its own. Consumers speak with a personal hair coach—via video call—as part of the process.

The Texture Gap report is based on a global data set gathered over the past 5 years and includes a thorough profile of the Type 4 hair consumer, insight into this consumer’s hair care and styling routines, “products that currently line their shelves, and the ones they wish existed,” as well as strategic advice for brand leaders, formulators, and ingredient makers on how to “[close] this Texture Gap for good,” according to the landing page for the newly available report (priced at £2,995.00). click here to access t🎀🔗The Texture Gap report


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