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In The News: human-identical peptide tech from Taiwan and equity financing for a growing soap brand

Univar Solutions signs a deal to bring ingredients from ImDerma Laboratories into North America, and Florida-based Naples Soap Company to sell Common Stock

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💋🧪Ingredient Tech from Taiwan

“Today, beauty brands can differentiate themselves in the market by providing products that contain unique cosmetic actives….The addition of the ImDerma product line to our portfolio will allow beauty brands to access novel technologies while simultaneously accelerating the industry's shift toward sustainable solutions,” James Peterson, Global Vice President of Beauty and Personal Care for Univar Solutions said in remarks to the press last month when the US distribution deal between the two companies was announced.


The distributor highlighted Imdermalab® Peptide X™ and the MolecuPure purified botanical actives series of ingredients in their press announcement. ImDerma Laboratories’ two Peptide X ingredients are Imdermalab® X-EGCG (which comprises Epigallocatechin Gallatyl Glucoside and sh-Decapeptide-5 SP) and Imdermalab® X-Resveratrol (Niacinamide, Resveratrol, and sh-Decapeptide-5 SP). That’s “sh” for synthetic human; the single-chain peptide is human-identical and a product of ImDerma’s specialized technology. 


The company’s MolecuPure actives include both stand-alone extracts and extracts blended with other ingredients. There are currently some 16 MolecuPure actives in the line; and all reply on ImDerma’s purification technology, which makes use of a “reusable molecular grade membrane,” and allows for physical-only purification at room temperature, according to the company site. This is advantageous, apparently, because it reduces energy consumption and requires “no harmful solvent.”


“As a research-oriented company, our primary focus is on developing innovative products and solutions for the personal care industry,” emphasizes Mark Huang, CEO of ImDerma in his comments to the press. “With Univar Solutions’ expertise in sales, marketing, formulations, and customer service, we are excited to bring our ImDerma ingredients into North America.”


And he adds, “This partnership will also strengthen our position for future growth with access to their distribution and transportation network,” suggesting that further distribution is in the works for Taiwan-based ImDerma Laboratories.


🧼💰Regional Soap Maker Opts for Equity Financing

This week, Naples Soap Company announced plans to grow the business via both B2B and DTC channels with the help of equity financing.


Naples Soap Company—founded in 2009 in Naples, Florida, here in the States—sells a large range of soaps, bath and body care, hair care, skincare, and accessories. There are over 400 products in the brand’s portfolio and these retail at 13 Naples Soap Company boutique locations across Florida and also on the brand’s own site, on Amazon, and in hundreds of shops around the country.


In a media release circulated on Tuesday, Naples Soap Company announced having “board approval to sell up to 50,000,000 shares of Common Stock only to accredited investors at a price of $0.04/share.”


Commenting in the release, brand Founder and CEO Deanna Wallin explains that “After a solid finish to the 2023 year, we’re looking ahead to enhancing our outreach efforts to take our Company to the next level.”


“This funding,” she says, “will make us more efficient, expand our brand, and help us reach broader audiences.” Aside from growing its B2B and DTC business, the Naples Soap Company plans to use the infusion of cash to upgrade their brand site, invest in AI integration, and expand marketing.


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