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In The News: on-demand skincare for brand owners, a new suncare development lab

Print-on-demand platform Printify is getting into the skincare and supplements business, and COSMAX is investing further in suncare with a new OTC Lab

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

💋📦Printify for Skincare & Supplements

In February, the print-on-demand tech platform will add CPGs, including skincare and supplements, to its catalog of products.


Printify operates as a vendor network, connecting online entrepreneurs (or merchants) with product makers, printing service providers, and marketplace integration. A merchant chooses an item from the catalog (a mug, or t-shirt, or phone case, for example), then uploads their branded artwork, adds the item to their online store (with TikTok, Shopify, etsy, eBay, Walmart, etc.), and sells the item without (shall we say) any unnecessary involvement with the manufacturer or fulfillment service provider.


“Our community has been asking us to add supplements, coffee, and skincare for a long time,” says CEO Anastasija Oleinika in a press release circulated in January. “They see the huge opportunity, and our team has been hard at work to realize this for them. I am very excited to see what our amazing sellers will do with these new opportunities.”


Printify was established in 2015; and just last year became profitable. The addition of CPGs for merchants in the US and Canada will lift the platform’s product offerings to over 1,000. And, it will but the print-on-demand specialist into direct competition with white label beauty makers. 


☀️🧴Suncare Specialization

South Korea – based manufacturer COSMAX is upping it commitment to suncare innovation and production, with the opening of a dedicated OTC Lab within the company’s existing Research and Innovation (R&I) Center.


The new lab will support the company’s clients both regionally and here in the US (COSMAX also has manufacturing facilities in New Jersey) reach the US market: “In response to the increasing demand from Korean and global clients to enter the US sun care market, we have established OTC Lab,” says Chun-ho Park, Vice President of the COSMAX R&I Center, in a quote shared in Friday’s press release.


And Park notes that this is not an entirely new initiative for the ODM company but rather a dedicated effort to further specialize in FDA-compliant suncare. “Based on our accumulated expertise in OTC sunscreen products manufacturing since 2016,” says Park, “COSMAX will continue to innovate products in line with the trends and regulations of the US market.”


COSMAX also sees a strong potential in what’s becoming known as K-sunscreen, which “combines skincare and sunblock efficacy and reasonable price.” And the company’s  manufacturing capabilities cover a range of product formats from cushions to creams, to lotions, oils, and stick format suncare as well.


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