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Is Vegan Beauty a Smart Alternative to Clean, Green, and Natural?

Vegan makes good sense in the world of beauty.

Vegan is a Term That Consumers, Brands, Formulators, and Suppliers All Recognize

It’s a designation that makes sense to beauty stakeholders all along the supply chain and into the consumer space as well. It’s a manageable and understandable parameter when it comes to sourcing ingredients for cosmetics, personal care, and fragrance products.

Vegan can be used to describe many, but certainly not all, ingredient processing and production systems as well as some testing methods.

When a beauty product formulation is described as vegan, it makes sense. A majority of people would know and agree that such a product does not contain animal or insect inputs.

Vegan Beauty Is Natural Beauty and Sometimes It Isn’t

While plenty of vegan beauty and personal care products contain plant-derived, bio-based, and other sorts of natural ingredients, vegan beauty also readily includes synthetic ingredients. That is, molecules synthesized in a lab or factory.

And it’s worth noting that when it comes to makeup and skincare brushes or to add-on eyelashes, natural is rarely, if ever, vegan. Synthetic brush and lash fibers are the cruelty-free option.

Vegan beauty resonates with today’s ethical consumers, who are shopping and spending in ways that they feel are beneficial beyond themselves. Ethical beauty shoppers are looking for brands that give back to social and environmental causes. They are spending money to support beauty brands that, in turn, support their personal, moral, and political values.

Vegan is a key strategy in the beauty industry today and it functions quite nicely alongside the clean and green beauty movements and sometimes even overlaps with Hallal beauty.

Vegan Beauty is Showing Up Everywhere

It’s why retailers like the beauty supply store Sally Beauty is reformulating many of its own products to be vegan. It’s why, in January, hair stylist and entrepreneur Fréréric Fekkai launched a new line of salon-quality products that are vegan. And it’s why KENDO Brands renamed the Kat Von D brand KVD Vegan, after acquiring all the remaining stake and ownership of the brand earlier this year.

Vegan is a comprehendible and important concept in the consumer goods space. Keep your eye on vegan beauty.

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