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Women Over 40 are Underserved by the Beauty Industry

It’s no secret that women over 40 are underserved by the cosmetics and personal care industry.

As a matter of course, beauty brands formulate, test, and market product for a younger demographic.

Women in Leadership are Helping Serve Overlooked Consumers

But as more women take on leadership and decision-making roles with multinational beauty makers and more women become beauty entrepreneurs, more brands and products that address the true needs and expectations of beauty consumers in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond are showing up in the marketplace.

One of the newer brands in this space is Caire Beauty, founded by Celeste Lee and Lorrie King, and launched this past November. The brand name is spelled C A I R E— putting the I in selfcare, If you will. For now, Caire Beauty sells a mask and a serum that it calls ‘hormone-defying skincare’.

Avon has been circulating a report called Menopause TLI, as in Too Little Information, for some 6 months now and previewing a product line developed with ingredients expressly for women 40+ for longer even than that. All of which signals that multinationals will, in the near future, make space within the standards of beauty for the realities of women over 40.

The founder-led brand Pause Well Aging is an early standout in the menopause beauty space. Since its launch in June of 2019, the award-wining brand has made a real effort to ensure that menopause is plainly discussed and appreciated as an important aspect of inclusivity in consumer beauty media.

While the hair brand Better Not Younger, founded by Sonsoles Gonzales and launched in 2019, recently partnered with AARP to better reach one of the fastest growing and wealthiest consumer demographic here in the States.

Beauty Brands Across Market Tiers are Reaching Out to Consumers Age 40+

And it’s not uncommon now for natural skin care brands like Ellie Bianca to have menopause friendly products in their portfolio. That brand’s Natural Radiance Face Serum with Squalane & Moringa is formulated with the needs of perimenopausal women in mind.

While a brand called Womaness, founded by Michelle Jacobs and Sally Mueller, is launching online this month and in March will be available in Target stores.

Womaness is a cross-category brand with products that fit neatly in beauty as well as supplements, intimate wellness products, and more. The brand even has its own Facebook group called The After Party that’s all about #menopositivity.

Skincare Ingredient Makers See Opportunity in Menopause Beauty

And on the supply side, ingredient makers like Sederma are developing and launching new innovations that address the skin care requirements of women in and beyond menopause.

The Croda-owned company launched its Feminage ingredient in September 2020 and, in doing so, is making strides in proof-of-concept and formulator education about the expectations and practicalities of beauty intentionally made for women like me—women over 40.

Why is Beauty for Older Consumers Important?

Let me know if you’re watching this emerging beauty movement too and leave a comment below about what you’re seeing and what opportunities still remain in beauty for women over 40.

As always, thank you so much for watching #duviews.

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