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Brand Spotlight: Hygiene Hero

This month, the beauty brand Michelle Yeh launched in 2020 is getting a refresh! What began as a hygiene brand is evolving to become a self-care and intimate care brand. This means new graphic designs for the brand’s logo and packaging as well as a new tag line and updated positioning. And of course, Hygiene Hero is launching new products too!

Among the new launches is a line of deodorants, which Michelle tells me, have quite a distinctive product format: “It is not a powdery finish like most deodorant; but it is not a cream in a jar offered by some niche brands,” she says, describing it instead as “a creamy stick. It goes on skin really nicely and smoothly. And it doesn't leave any white residue on your skin or your clothes. You can even apply it like a body fragrance balm on your wrists or behind your ears.”

The first three Hygiene Hero Super Deo scents to launch will be Mandarin Bliss, Coco Lavender, and Lily Bergamot. And Michelle notes that even the packaging, “a beautiful all-paper tube, with zero plastic…looks and feels luxurious.”

When I asked her why she chose this product category as a way to expand the Hygiene Hero brand, Michelle explains, “I’ve been an avid clean beauty lover and advocate since 2010, promoting many organic skincare brands in China and Asia. And I have tried my best to avoid aluminum deodorant for more than 10 years as well. But it has been a difficult journey because half of the time I started to stink in the afternoon. So, I had a deodorant in my bag quite often because I needed to re-apply. It's a pain in the butt; but I had to do it because I refused to use aluminum antiperspirants.”

“What is most unique about [Hygiene Hero Super Deo] is that it is natural with a clean ingredient list and it works!” she says, acknowledging that this is the sort of thing we hear from so many brands. But she goes on to note that, “We worked on many reiterations to get to the final result. It is truly a labor of love! And we tested on 30 of our customers and the formula passed the test with flying colors.”

“In recent years, there have been a couple of non-aluminum brands that perform better than others,” Michelle admits, “but,” she says, “they either have not-so-clean ingredient lists or their scents are not pleasant. And I also get serious rashes from baking soda so that took out over half of the so-called natural non-aluminum deodorant brands for me. I know this sounds really cliché, but this journey is 100% true.”

“Deodorant has always been on my to-do list even before I launched Hygiene Hero. I think it's a great extension from our current line-up because you can also apply it in your private area to reduce odor down there.”

The current Hygiene Hero product portfolio comprises intimate care products, intimate apparel, and facial skincare. Initially in 2020, the brand launched with its Hygiene Hero Super Mist, a natural hand sanitizer that was very much in demand at that time due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Beyond deodorant, the brand is preparing to launch what they're calling a Vipstick Serum, which Michelle describes as “a skin-nourishing pleasure primer for your ‘lower lips’. There are also plans to launch intimate care products that cater to consumers in menopause: a Perfect Pause Private Bar and Perfect Pause V.V. Oil.

To learn more about Hygiene Hero, visit or find the brand on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.


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