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CPG Design Innovation: Beauty’s Newest Product Formats and Functions

Beauty innovators are endlessly creative! Just when you think you’ve seen it all, new cosmetic and personal care brands bring fresh ideas, novel formats, and uniquely functioning products to market.

There’s No Fixed Format for Hair Care, Hair Color, Skincare, Oral Care, or Deodorant

At the start of 2021, for instance, Jayme Jenkins and Jessica Stevenson launched a hair care brand called Everist. And their first product is a shampoo concentrate, packaged in a [squeezable] aluminum tube.

This month, in the oral care space, a brand called Mouth Off! just launched with a breath-cleaning, fast-dissolving gum. The patent-pending formula promises to remove bad breath molecules and leave breath fresh for hours.

A new brand called experiment recently launched a reusable silicone facemask called Avant Guard that purports to be a more affordable and less wasteful skincare treatment than disposable single-use sheet masks.

Planted in Beauty debuted a Super Nutrient Touch-Free Face Moisturizer this month. It’s a spray-on moisturizer with benefits like hydration, soothing, environmental protection, and an application that does not require you to touch your face with your hands.

Bigen permanent powder hair color is having a moment in the market place. It’s a powder product that mixes with water and then the paste or pudding-like mixture gets painted onto hair and rinsed out after 30 minutes.

And speaking of powdered hair products, the OWA moondust hair wash deserves a mention here as well. [OWA has rebranded to Susteau] A single 2-ounce bottle of OWA moondust is equivalent to 4 bottles of conventional liquid shampoo.

Freeze-dried skin care is showing up again in the US market. Early this year, the luxury brand Saro de Rúe, founded by Mimi Kim, launched freeze-dried serum tablets as part of an anti-aging system.

Dew Mty has an interesting serum format too. This new brand’s Jelly Serum Bar is formulated with jojoba, squalane, olive ester, magnolia bark extract, licorice extract, and more!

AKT, a London – based brand makes a deodorant paste and a gua sha – like application tool that offers the additional benefit of lymphatic drainage.

And I can’t talk about underarm care innovations without mentioning Sway, the Los Angeles, California – based brand Rebecca So launched in 2017. The Sway product portfolio includes an underarm mask, deodorant, and dusting powder—it’s a full skin care routine for underarms.

Deceptively Simple Skincare Brand Leverages Mechanical and Material Technologies

Now when we think of innovation in beauty tools, we often think about high tech devices. But there are new good ideas in the mechanical tools space too, like the facial roller from Carbonnique – a brand launched late last year.

As you can see here, the Carbonnique face and neck massage tool is made of walnut wood and two ceramic rolling heads.

What Inspires Beauty Product Innovation?

Reflected in many of these function and format innovations are lifestyle shifts and environmental concerns intensified by the pandemic. But inspiration strikes all the time in the cosmetics and personal care business. New ideas come to market often if not every day.

And I’d love to hear about what inspires you and your team to develop something new? Leave a comment below. I can’t wait to learn about your inspirations and innovations!

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